LEGO 2017 Releases: Annual Results

Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. They should be high-res enough that you can zoom into them to check out the details.

As always, this should help you plan our your purchases in the new year for the next few months. This new 2017 catalogue has a few interesting bits of information. Like last year, we should be able to buy them online when they’re released, but it’s a little disappointing that fans are made to wait for months again this year. Oh and if you’re wondering about sets not featured in the catalogue, those tend to be retail exclusives.I manage to track down the location of each exclusive!

Things like market size, demand and other factors all contribute to it. Will wait patiently for the batman movie sets.

I thought it was strange that they weren’t part of this year’s catalogue given they made such a big deal about them in 2016.

I was actually wondering when some of these things were going to be released. Looks like they’re really stepping it up for the movie later this year.

Here are my picks for the Top 10 LEGO sets I want the most that release August, 2017. The following themes are eligible for …

Is there any info yet on what the next wave of collectible minifigs is going to be?

The villains look particularly excellent.

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