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We’ll relay exact information about pricing, availability, and the sets not already pictured here as it comes to us. These look like great sets that will complement what looks to be a promising movie !

Those minifigs will be excellent for a fantasy medieval type castle theme. Really love the intricate metal work look on many minifigs. But the two-headed dragon aside (and it is a really cool looking dragon) nothing here really impresses me. So many great settings and minifigs in this wave!And that ship with the canoes on the sides, awesome. The reason there are snakes is because they are in the jungle(where a lot of snakes are) so these are not serpentine but instead are just normal snakes to give it that jungle/swamp feel. Ninjago is a great theme and hopefully will live on for a long time!

This time more snake-like, which is a surprisingly nice change.

I have to disagree on nya looking distinct without the red though as it took me a while to realize she is in azure vs jay’s blue and is thus a seperate character from the samurai.

I will be happy if they bring it back, they haven’t used it since 2012.

Lego Batman Movie 2017 Sets Pictures!

LEGO The Batman Movie sets pictures are finally here… and they’re pretty dope!

We now have pictures of the whole Winter wave, …

This is such a great theme for new parts and recolored parts.

I think that the sets seem a little drab in these small pictures, but when you see these in hand the sets will pop. For me, the titanium metallic (pearl dark gray) is a great color, and many people will be glad to get that color for all the parts they show.

I love all the sets, the vermillion armor and vehicles look really nice. The 2016 steampunk sets were great but these are all meh. Ninjago but given infinite budget and space these would make me change my mind about that. The colors, twin thing, similar creepy little faces. May decide to cobble one together and save the money but the building is super cool too. Wallet needed a holiday and now it will not be getting one. City police, which we have added to the database . Of course, other themes are on the way as well. The lack of an over-arching theme for the police next year is both a blessing and a curse. Thought the last couple of full police stations were better.

I do like buying starter sets just to get the figures to populate the town though. Bunch of boring “reimagined” clones from previous recent sets. Everything else isn’t too bad except for the bank and auto transport sets; those look pretty good. The minifigures are the stars of the show for me with new pieces and some nice head and torso prints. But that bulldozer is really cool, though. Ugh fine, over all, pretty boring, but the car heist looks interesting. As regards the ‘juniorisation’ of some of them, perhaps the target market is generally younger for these sets while the older kids prefer the fantasy and action themes?

Also there’s a bulldozer breaking into a bank!

Just because the overall police theme is overrated doesn’t mean that the sets individually are overrated. Remembering that the target audience is kids and parents looking for an action-packed toy for their children for endless hours of play, these look like they can deliver. Let’s see if this police station will deliver the same or better quality of play than the previous one.

At Last 2017 Ninjago Images

It all looks pretty cool for the target audience; my friends son is 8 and is always ecstatic about this line. They aren’t terribly impressive, but have great parts!!

Good for 8yr old kids, but not in my city.

I think straying too far from the formula of police and firefighters doesn’t make a lot of money, and that’s why we see these rehashes every few years.

I mean, it’s a city that has more police stations than it does homes.

I miss those old nameplates, they make relatively small sets seem huge.

We need to elect some new city councilors to get education spending in the budget and build new schools. Sorry to be so harsh, but so far it’s just boring, nothing new or innovative, only watered-down versions of things we had lots and lots of times already. Hopefully the 2017 civilian stuff makes up for it. It looks well detailed without being 100x bigger than it has to be like 60074 was. Why not make a cute little affordable diner?

Lego 2017 Set Images

The police station and mobile transport look like versions of previous models with a focus on reducing the brickcounts as much as possible. Hence the red vehicles at every crime scene. Similarly, it’s only the police that are setting all those fires. The new cruisers are not much to my liking for the moment since they seem a bit more stubby. Ill likely just end up with the bank though. The entire range is just a rehash of old sets. The police station is just a repositioning of 60004. Very glad my wallet will be spared this year.

AnJ’S Brick Blog

The build, however, is pretty poor if you ask me. The tank itself has an opening hatch and firing stud shooter cannons. The in-universe ship appeared on-screen for several seconds before getting blown up. The ship itself looks interesting to me but isn’t all that impressive, and neither is the minifigure selection, so this is probably a pass for me. Compounding the problem is that four out of the five minifigures included use stud shooters!

What started as a tiny web site and short weekly podcast has grown to the multimedia-driven experience it is today, focusing on bringing you all things fun, every day. As you can see from the sets below, there are some pretty cool brick built animals as well as a number of new elements to enjoy. The actual sets are beautiful and the animals are super cool but we have already seen these species normal size. If you haven’t seen the trailer, be sure to check it out and my thoughts in this post .

I really like that we get 2 main characters in an inexpensive set and this should be a really popular set for fans and those wanting to dip their feet into the theme. This looks like yet another fun model that featured quite heavily in the trailer.We get a smaller-scaled down version of the dragon which manages to retain its amazing look and boasts all the sand-green parts you could ever want!

It has a very sleek, futuristic yet unique look to it as well which seems really cool.

I hope that there’s plenty of rooms and play features built into the back of the set.

I expect this to be quite huge as well and to make for an exceptional display piece. However, the splitting ninja mask is a really cool surprise.

I hope the movie is even half as good as the sets.

Lego Thor Ragnarok Set Images Analysis!

Here’s Our Analysis Video On The Set Images For The Upcoming Thor Vs Hulk Arena Clash 76088 & The Ultimate Battle For …

It has all the ninjas and the big baddie. Still, this range is very very good because of how the builds look.

I skipped over the destiny’s bounty part of this review by accident. The boat set this time is definitely much better and impressive.

I hope there would be a knock off set too at cheaper price. Remove the minifigures and see how well it stands on its own. Man, that one is really going to hurt the wallet.

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