LEGO 2017 Sets Leaked: Star Wars Last Jedi Ships Characters Possibly

A few sets also reveal new ships that haven’t yet been announced in any official capacity. If you do not agree with this or anything else present here, you are more than welcome to leave.

Lego 2017 Sets Leaked

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Lego City 2018 Sets Leaked!

(Real Pictures)

LEGO City 2018 Sets LEAKED!

(REAL PICTURES) A reddit user leaked the City 2018 sets!

Which one is your favorite?

Make sure …

lego image sets leaked star wlego city image sets le 1

More Lego Star Wars Leaked Pictures!

At Ap, Droid Gunship, A Wing, & Tie Fighter!

More LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set pictures/images have leaked out!

Confirmed LEGO Star Wars 2019 Sets in this video: 75234 …

lego image sets leaked star wlego city image sets le 2

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