LEGO 2017 Summer Technic Sets New Models

The model is built of 603 parts out of which most are blue, black and gray, like you can see on the preview image. The set features really nice rims with all-terrain tires, 2-cylinder engine and working suspensions.

The set contains 370 pieces and most of them are green, gray and black. It is suitable for kids of the age from 9 to 16. If you like airplanes or fighters, this one is a must-have set for you. Most of the parts are of the black and blue color.Besides the boat with a crane, this set also includes a small helicopter on its helipad and a submarine. This set contains 1, 327 pieces and most of them are dark blue, white and gray. The recommended age range for this set is from 10 to 16 years. This set consists of 631 pieces, out of which most are of the orange, white, blue and gray color. The truck is white and has a blue & gray trailer.

You can build anything from an offroad racer to a mining excavator to an enormous, four foot, working crane.

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Lego makes this possible by using interconnecting rods and plastic pieces that mimic the real thing. Kids get hands-on experience with engineering and mechanical thinking. It’s a dramatic build and one of the tallest to date.

You have complete control over stabilizer legs, rotating the structure 360 degrees, operating the winch, and extending the boom. There’s plenty of detail in the cab and in the accessories (tools, chains, and a fire extinguisher). The red and black color scheme is striking, as is the multicolored pieces that go into building the engine and internal components. It’s pretty much the same body as the crane but reconfigured. Like the other, it can drive backward or forwards, no steering. It pre-processes the ore via a boom, which for the model is eight inches long. It also maneuvers easily with its twin axle steering, double differential drive, and independent suspension. It often ranks as one of the more challenging builds, but the finished product speaks for itself. It has a detailed six-piston motor, articulated steering, and a working lift arm. Multiple gears allow you to control both functions without having to toggle between them. It has a massive bucket that can hold a big load. It powers through small obstacles easily. The only downside is that small, loose pieces fall through the bucket.

You can add secondary builds to extend the crane to over three feet if you want a bigger challenge.

You should have plenty of cable to use when playing. The structure lifts, extends, and rotates just like a real construction crane. It’s a bit slow to deploy, but there are a lot of moving parts to get together. The trailer has extendable outriggers for stability.

You control the rear wheel drive through front axle steering. The trailer is detachable and features a manual loading mechanism. It comes with a trailer container to use for loading.

lego summer technic sets modlego technic sets summ

Although the crane isn’t motorized, it’s an impressive build that teaches kids about mechanics and engineering. The garbage loading feature is manual as well, and the rear doors open so you can see everything that’s inside. It has a very detailed, inline engine, and rear differentials.

You can view the engine by lifting the front hood to see movement. It’s a bright blue color scheme and includes a teddy bear detail for the front bumper. It has 16 fully moveable cylinders with two crankshafts and a fully functioning gearbox with eight gears.

You can also switch the active rear wing from handling to a top speed function by inserting the top speed key. Even though the inner mechanics will not be visible once it is finished, you can still be taken aback by the detail and shine of its outer orange exterior. The manual has 600 pages detailing its 900-step construction, which is actually a lot like building the car from scratch. Still, it will be well-worth the time spent on those 900 steps. Manually, you can operate the full-sized wheels and crab steering.

Lego 2017 Technic Summer Sets

You can raise and lower the tree trunk, which is included in the set, using the working crane claw. It’s a super cool yellow and black color scheme. It features a pneumatic, extendable boom and working bucket.

You can control the cab, steering, and outriggers with manual controls, but a motor upgrade is available to make the boom fully motorized and give the model real working lights. With the boom extended, the vehicle is 11 inches high!

The boom is a little difficult to operate unless the outriggers are extended (just like a real vehicle), but the outriggers don’t work well on anything but a smooth flat surface. It features the same pneumatic system with forward and reverse switches for manipulating the arm. The grips manually close with a twisting system.

Lego Technic 2017 Sets All New Models

You can also open the front to reveal the engine. The loader is really light, so you’ll have to stabilize it with your hand when pumping the arm up or down. The overall impression is that it would be a fun toy to imagine sailing the seven seas, plus a buildable submarine and helicopter landing pad for flights and underwater exploration. Small screws on the roof turn the crane and there are operable moving parts on both the submarine and the helicopter. The main drawback is the helicopter landing pad. Still, if your child (or you!) dream of sailing the oceans, or have a passion for marine exploration, this will be a good choice to buy or give as a gift. The winch and buildable cargo are especially fun to play with when hooked up to the motor for maximum functionality. Among its best features would be its motorized functions, including a working winch and the contra-rotating rotors. The motor also allows it to light up and open the cargo bay doors. However, while the motor can make the rotors spin, it does not get enough speed to actually take flight, which makes it a safe choice for parents of children who love flying toys. The end result is a large, serious-looking helicopter that can make for a great toy or an impressive prop on display.We especially recommend it to anyone who enjoys the technic flight sets and can love it even though it cannot fly on its own.

We recommend it because it carries all the fun of a motorized truck with the added fun of building it from scratch. Works best indoors, but can go both indoors and outdoors. It features real moving parts such as the steering column, moving pistons in the visible engine, suspension, and a kickstand. It comes with the stickers you need for a detailed dashboard and decorations. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include a seat.

The alternative build is a futuristic flying bike complete with its own stand. It includes a rotating and angling rear thruster and folding wings. Your child can control it through a lifelike wheel and tiller steering. It includes all the stickers you need and is a blue and white color scheme. For the monohull yacht build, your child can control sails by moving the winches. It’s not built for real water play, so there’s no motor function. As a model ship, it’s wonderfully detailed with the two working parts, the rudder, and the sails. Those features give kids a basic understanding of how sailing might work. Both builds use realistic detail modeled after racing ships with racing color schemes. It doesn’t have active steering set up, but with some ingenuity, you could help your child add that feature. Even though the ships aren’t built for actual water, they’re both simple enough that older elementary children can make them. It’s an entry-level model suitable for beginning builders. It includes racing stickers, a sturdy front bumper to reduce impact, and a cool rear spoiler.The pullback motor activates forward motion simple enough for a younger child to use. While younger children may need help building it, the action is immediately satisfying. It also features a pop-out engine, but the look of the vehicle is more aggressive. It’s a red and black color scheme with stickers included. The secondary build for both is to combine them into a six-wheel racer (instructions online). Each set comes with many different beams, axles, and other parts, just like the pieces that go into building an actual vehicle. The engine with moving pistons is a close replica but does not actually move the vehicle. Many fan sites will list detailed instructions from other fans who have done the same modifications and loved them. The same skills that go into making model airplanes, or putting parts into the vehicles at the factory can be used to craft these amazingly realistic models. What is the age of the person who will be putting it together?

How much experience do they have with building things?

What are their interests outside of building things?

Children who are fascinated with construction sets can build their own construction vehicles, then play with them on an imaginary construction site. Some technic sets are more challenging than others. Being an engineer might help one to understand the different parts, but this will be a basic rundown. Studded parts are like the legos we all grew up with, that have raised and indented edges to help them snap together. The lift arms are always one unit width high. These motors power the movable parts of the finished products including items like the lift arms, doors, and winches. Pneumatic lego pieces use compressed air to move the pieces. They come in different sizes and since 2008 have been optimized for studless construction. They are not made anymore but 27 versions were created between 1986 and 2001. Each stands out in their chosen category because they are fun to build, cool to look at, and have detailed mechanics and operations that exceed the rest. Some younger children love the intricate building process, and the love never dies. First of all, you get two vehicles, and two alternate models, and in addition both vehicles have quite a bit of playability and moving parts. Container loader with boom extended measures over 9” (23cm) high, 11” (30cm) long and 3” (9cm) wide, and over 3” (10cm) high and 9” (23cm) long with boom retracted. Each container measures over 1” (5cm) high, 3” (10cm) long and 1” (4cm) wide. An unusual feature is that the ship is on wheels, which makes it a fun and very sturdy playset to roll around on a carpet ocean. The ship features a large captain’s bridge with radar and funnel detailing, plus a landing pad, working crane and an opening deck hatch for access to the ship’s hull, complete with bulbous bow and two fenders. Ship with crane boom extended to the side measures over 7” (20cm) high, 22” (56cm) long and 9” (23cm) wide, and over 7” (19cm) high and 4” (12cm) wide with crane boom retracted. Submarine measures over 2” (7cm) high, 5” (15cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide. Helicopter measures over 2” (6cm) high, 5” (14cm) long and 4” (11cm) wide. Barge measures over 3” (8cm) high, 15” (39cm) long and 5” (13cm) wide. Drive forward or backward, left or right and make 360° turns. Manual functions include working front steering, movable tail rudders and an opening cockpit. Please note that this model is not motorized, and all the functions are hand-operated. Also includes a sliding storage drawer, side storage compartment with a first aid kit and 2 fire extinguishers, and a roof rack with 2 jerry cans in a rare dark-green color.

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I live near fairly close to the ocean, and see large working ships and tugboats pretty often. Does anybody think that there are too many large sets released right now?

I can afford and have the room to display. Compare that to only 6 in 2015, 4 in 2014, and 4 in 2012 that were over 2000 pieces. That’s a huge amount of large sets; almost one for every month!

Something nice to look forward to every 4-6 months, and enough time to save up for them.

lego summer technic sets modlego technic sets summ 1

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