LEGO 2017 Superhero: New Marvel Lego Sets Unveiled Fair

Blast the enemies with lasers, missiles or a golden arrow. Over the years the sets have shifted around, the rise of the behemoth superhero movie franchises and cinematic universes really changed the game for comic book fans.

Lego has adapted along with those and managed to produce a slew of really great sets in the current superhero climate. As for the structure, the bridge in this set acts as an active battleground better than just about any other set we’ve seen. Finally, the small airport cart even gets into the interactivity action by allow you to fling luggage (or heroes!) by flipping down the back of the luggage cart. Lego set, but some liberties had to be taken to make the set a bit more eye popping than the movie version.One major change that this set contains is microfigurines. The set consists of a small pole/flag piece and the tanker truck itself. The highlight here is the terrific tanker truck. The truck, while not the most aesthetically exciting vehicle in the superhero world, looks great for what it is. The back pops off, the top flies open and large flames pop up from inside of the tank. It’s really a spectacular interactive piece and should provide plenty of great play opportunities.

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Piecing together the exploding tanker is a satisfying experience. Batcave will be familiar to anyone who has seen its various incarnations across all media. Off to one side of the main console, area is a small jail cell for holding captured baddies. Batman to quickly jump in and come out with a different costume. The final inclusions in this set are two fantastic vehicles. Ock finally gets the full, sprawling, tentacle minifigurine he deserves. It’s a great sight to see as he poses a truly imposing figure going up against our favorite web slinging hero. The bot has a couple of huge stud shooters which are eye catching visuals that are also a lot of fun to play with. Probably the coolest interactive feature comes from turning the piece at the head of the bot which results in the arms of the bot moving. Octopus slides into his seat at the head of the bot, he doesn’t clip into studs so is prone to fall out with heavy play. Her flowing red hair, cloth skirt, and unique printing from top to bottom make the figure truly stand out. Putting this beast together is a lot of fun, there is a lot of variety in this build. Rounding out the set is a generic scared farmer who plays the part of the hapless victim just fine. Scarecrow’s harvester is a very fun vehicle. The cutter on the front rotates as the wheels move, there are a few shooters included and a gas chamber in the back end to entrap enemies or maybe hapless farmers. The six bladed and bat-shaped tail make the final product really pop. These options involve some pretty interesting mechanics so the build to assemble them is quite a treat. Freeze is here with his stud-shooting exosuit. Batman is mostly ridiculous, but he looks great here along with this three-in-one vehicle.

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