LEGO 2017: Top Best Lego Train Sets

It’s easy to spend hours of fun piecing these complex sets together. The set includes a motorized high-speed train with a sleek, aerodynamic look plus high-speed electricity contact points.

Lego 2017 Train

The roofs of the train are removable and the train cars contain tables and sets. This set has everything needed to get the train up and running, including a full circular track complete with 16 curved rails and four straight rails. The set also features an exciting crane that loads and unloads large cargo from the rolling truck or cattle wagon to the locomotive. Cargo contained in the set includes an assortment of industrial-style goods, drums and even large animals.This set contains endless functions and possibilities, and makes a great gift for any locomotive enthusiast or collector. The cargo train itself includes the main engine and three additional wagons (a tipping wagon, hazardous goods wagon and flatbed wagon). The set also includes a whopping 40 flexible tracks in addition to four minifigures of assorted railroad workers. The train itself is an extra-long diesel-electric model, measuring 36 inches in length. One of the containers reveals a refrigeration container’s interior when its door is opened. The set has a working crane that moves cars onto and off of the train’s beds.

Awesome Lego Garden Railway And Through The House 2017

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The train moves along the tracks in three different speeds in forward and backward motions. The train is a locomotive style, featuring a prison wagon, detachable carriages and many more haunting elements. The set comes with an additional hero airplane that flicks missiles, spins its propeller and even has a vacuum weapon feature. It includes two human minifigures and three spooky ghosts. The locomotive style train arrives in festive crimson and evergreen colors and is fit with a locomotive engine, a gondola car and a caboose that connect with ball and socket hitches. The 233 piece mini-figure set is filled with candy pieces and special tree accessories. There’s a gray roof that flies out above the train station with a larger clock hanging from it. The station has a bicycle stand and tiny security cameras. The set contains five minifigures, including a train conductor, a chef, a taxi driver with a corresponding taxi plus two train travelers. The train station set arrives with wide rail starter tracks.

I love reviewing products and showcasing the very best in my top 10 lists.

I want to enable people to buy products with confidence by reading up on the stuff they want to avoid the stuff they don’t want. When it comes around the tracks this winter, there’ll be a lovely little station waiting for it. The station might look small, but it’s got all the amenities.

I am going to assume is a member of a shadowy secret society, based on the symbol on his suit jacket. And since the set connects with the railroad, there’s plenty of opportunities for tragedy to strike. It’s a very good reason to buy last year’s train, if you haven’t already. With every kind of model from old steam engines to modern high-speed trains, they have something for engineers of all ages, and with a huge range of educational benefits, it’s easy for parents to jump on board!

Zoom around the tracks until you reach your destination, and then unload your cargo and get it to where it’s needed. An immersive gem with tons of interactive features, this superb set makes the perfect gift for any junior train fanatic. The immersive play stage boosts creativity, storytelling, and social skills. The steam train is made of colorful child-friendly bricks and comes with 3 cute figures to play with. Load up cargo, passengers, animals, or any of your own toys onto the spacious back carriage. Push the button to get the engine off to a flying start, complete with realistic sound effects.

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There’s no need to worry about the batteries running out too quickly—it automatically turns itself off after 2 minutes. Piecing it together is a great puzzle for developing minds, too, boosting early critical thinking skills. Jump into the cockpit of a stunt plane equipped with 4 flick-fire missiles, a ghost-capturing vacuum, a spinning propeller, and retractable landing gear. This particular set also offers wonderfully imaginative play and encourages kids to be brave and fight for what is right. Check the station map to make sure your passengers are waiting at the right platform. Lift the train’s removable roof to help them to choose their seats—or let them ride up front with you. But don’t zoom off just yet—the warning lights are flashing!

Hours of fast and furious fun, guaranteed!

It also boosts creativity and social skills through play. Lego train option, this one is certain to get you in the festive spirit. The kids are playing while they wait at the platform for the train to arrive.

Lego 2017 Train

They’ve got a mini robot, a little fire truck, and many more teeny tiny toys to play with. White smoke pours out of its gorgeous vintage smokestack. No time to gawp at its beauty right now—they’d better load up all their gifts and hop on board before it has to head off to the next station. It can be a super family project, bringing everyone together at this special time of the year. Preschoolers can piece it all together with relative ease, and it helps them to learn the numbers 0-9. Encourage them to put the numbers in order, and then load up your passengers and roll off. These key skills are reinforced through play. Two passengers and a cute cat are included for imaginative roleplay and social skills training.

Top 10 Best Lego Train Sets For 2018

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Then take a seat on the clean platform, enjoy your snack and relax. Includes 5 minifigures: conductor, chef, taxi driver and 2 travelers. The taxi driver, the chef and two passengers. The set number is 60050, it came out in 2014’s may. My granddaughters 8 and it has been difficult finding things to challenger her, but she loves these and she feels extremely satisfied and rewarded when she completes one of these big kits.

I would have preferred more traditional station features such as a ticket sales booth and newspaper sales kiosk. That being said, watching the look on my nephew’s faces when they receive as a gift the lego sets they want, such as this set, is the best!

This set is from the discontinued 9 volt series which used electrified track. The newer trains use the same gauge track as the earlier 9 volt series, but the new track lacks the metal conductor.The set includes one sets of points (switches), sixteen pieces of curved track and two pieces of straight track. Even though this set has been superseded by a newer cargo trains, it is still a fine set.

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