LEGO 2018 Dc Sets: DC Comics Super Heroes

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I really do wonder what that part’s purpose in these sets is.

Lego 2018 Dc Sets

They should’ve stuck with the lego batman movie. The builds looks like some junior buildings made 10 years ago. The mecha is cool enough, and the helicopter/copter combo is odd, but hardly awful. Are they some variation on the power blast or something?Nothing particularly special, but not horrible either.

I guess no leg printing means terrible figs for some people.

I like the look of that paired with the minifig. Batman superman and lex have had loads of lego sets, move over and give another hero some set time. While aits a good representation of his space hog, its not detailed enough to make me want it. Looks like some interesting new parts though!

A look at EVERY SINGLE LEGO DC Comics Superheroes set EVER MADE!

This video also includes sets from a lot of different …

New Lego Dc Super Heroes Sets!


Sdcc Aquaman Exclusive!

App Controlled Batmobile!

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Today I’m breaking down the latest LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Sets coming out of San Diego Comic …

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