The box dimensions are the same, just not as thick. If anything, they should be affordable for minifig collectors.

Lego 2018 Sets Leaked

Perhaps the best part to me is the downed x-wing as it looks superb. Be sure to head to his flickr page and check out his youtube channel as well. Leave a comment below on your thoughts of the moc as well!

They both look really cool and will definitely offer some amazingly detailed figures.There are no prices yet leaked for the sets. All thats known is that they will be released and the release date. The way that he made it makes it look real. His level of detail cannot be understated. Be sure to head on over to his flickr page and check out some of his other great mocs and be sure to comment below on your thoughts!

In the past for days, 3 preliminary set images for the upcoming 2019 wave were leaked!

LEGO City 2018 Sets LEAKED!

(REAL PICTURES) A reddit user leaked the City 2018 sets!

Which one is your favorite?

Make sure …

Be sure to leave a comment below of your thoughts on the confirmed sets and what you think the rest of the wave will contain. There will be two promotionals next month. It looks like it will be a pretty good month for promotionals!

Lego is actually trying something new with 3 large scale built figs which is interesting. From what was leaked, we can see 7 of the sets that will be released. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the upcoming sets in the comments section below!

Since the previous leak, the details have changed and many more sets have been added. Obviously, a ton more speculation has been added to the upcoming wave. Remember to take all this with as much credibility as you want. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the rumors in the comments section below!

These are still just rumors so take it with as much credibility as you wish. The date of release and part count are still unknown as well. This information is simple but gives a relatively good idea of what to expect from the official information given when the sets are revealed. Again, these are rumors so take them with as much credibility as you wish. The set is able to open, revealing a living space for the two minifigures given in the set. The set will include 4 minifigures and 1 microfigure. My opinion of the set is that it is amazing. The detail and creativity put into it is great and it will definitely be a must buy for me. Decepticons from transformers, but will a construction theme. Yesterday, images surfaced of the upcoming pop-up book and it is truly amazing. Just the outside of the book is amazing and the level of detail is to be commended. The released date is set for either this month or next month. This will definitely be a great addition to anyones collection!

Time to keep a lookout for them in the coming months: 75202, 75201, 75200 and 75197.

You can view everything we know about 2018 here . Furthermore for me these two figurines will be the true good reason to buy it, because the lair looks quite narrow.

I liked the buildable bee hive, though, do not see the point of having a piece made for that. Many of the sets look like they made an extra effort for playability (like two helicopters to chase the villains). That trend looks set to continue in 2018. Or is that not being released until later in the year?

While it’s a departure from what we’ve gotten before, everything feels deliberate, for lack of a better word.

I already have way too many of him from the last battle pack. Rule of thumb should be no less than 3 stormtrooper-type guys per battle pack. There’s not as many horses and not as many shops!

I hadn’t paid much attention to their release date in past years.

Lego 2018 Sets Leaked

This is already shaping up to be an excellent wave!

The main draw of course being the minifigures but the set itself doesn’t look bad at all. Microfighters and especially minifigs are nice, have always been a fan of those.

I really want to see a good medical sets, more good city services and urban environment. The city is not just firefighters and police. It was cool to see something like a garbage-recycling plant (not just garbage trucks), postal services.

I really want to see another farm sets or something like that, maybe some sports sets. Need more of that what surrounds us in our cities. The ‘mine’ set is taken up by that weird large vehicle that seems to be a huge up-scaled version of a much smaller vehicle. The whole building was also too retro/almost modern to fit with the other modulars. Could it have been the real 2018 modular?

Not just remakes of sets we got 3 years ago.

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