LEGO 2018 X Wing

The good news is, we get two of them in this set. The bad news is we don’t get all three types, only two identical ones, so we won’t yet be able to complete the whole crew we saw in the movie.

Lego 2018 X Wing

Although the minifigures at the event didn’t have their helmets on, the official photo reveals a new dual molded helmet with a transparent orange visor. They are quite large; seeming out of proportion even on such an out of proportion model as a minifigure. But in the source material the helmets were rather comically large on some pilots, and the difference to me is immaterial. The new helmets have nice printing, nice molding, and a build in molded visor.It would not be noticeable except for the fact that on the front of all 4 wings is a wedge-shaped plate; when the wings droop they will be visibly out of alignment!2. The sides of the cockpit are covered just by very long curved slope pieces. This build is the perfect mix of play features and accuracy. Collectors will enjoy this build for its superb detail and scale. My only gripes about the build are the laser cannons being too loose for my liking and droop slightly, but this is only visible upon very close inspection, and the rear engine assemblies which can fall off if given a good bump. The figures included in this set are excellent.

Lego Star Wars X Wing (Original Trilogy) Starfighter Review!


I felt like a kid again building this set!

Push the model down in attack mode to close the wings. Also includes a fire extinguisher accessory element. Biggs minifigure (last one since 1999), is a great addition!

My one complaint is how the engine booters on the back tend to fall off easily if handled improperly. The droid is very snug, despite sitting on one 1×2 jumper plate only. It is a great set either way for sure, enjoy!

I moved the lever for the wings to the bottom between the landing gear and it works exactly the same.

I was then able to add greebling detail to the top area in the empty space.

I changed the small laser cannons to the previous model from 2012.

I changed the buckets on the engine with wheel rims.

Lego Star Wars X Wing Starfighter Lego Speed Build

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