LEGO 21013 Big: Amazon Lego Architecture Ben Discontinued Manufacturer Toys

Not eligible for children under three years of age. The building of this structure was somewhat straight forward and at times very repetitious.

The completed structure was very realistic and to me showed off the attributes of true architecture which displayed is a pleasure to see. To me, this structure reaffirms my testament as to the true realism and joy of construction of these precise models of true great architecture.

I will continue to purchase other models to add to my collection. This to me represents a project which gives me a sense of accomplishment and an education in the minds of the great architects of the world.May not be fun for a child, really will depend on the child?

This set can be assembled by kids much younger than the suggest age range as well. There is a very loose grey piece on step 28. Finish in 1 hour with 6 more pieces as shown.

I got this for my husband for our first wedding anniversary. Also works as a great addition to a bookshelf for some added decor.

Lego Architecture 21013 Big Ben for more Lego Speed Builds please Subscribe my …

Enhance communication and critical-thinking skills while helping stimulate imaginations with this building set that enables users to enter a world of fantasy and role-playing. A project that isn’t too complex in scale for children and beginners to start with, it has a total of 346 pieces. Lego pieces are stronger, and they are hold together well. Lego instructions are very simple, and building these sets is so much fun.

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