LEGO 21014 Architecture Villa Savoye

Small, but appears pretty accurate in scale and detail. Fun to build; not difficult, but does require that you pay attention to the instructions and to what you’re doing.

Lego 21014

Like most of the architecture sets, it makes me want to visit the actual building.

I hope he like this lego and remember me.

We have many of the others sets in this series, but this one was his favorite. Christmas morning, the gift was unwrapped & openned only to find that some pieces were loose in the box –out of the bags, which was totally unacceptable!!I really wasn’t sure if he would like it, but he couldn’t wait to get home to get a start on it. He put it together in 3 hours and facebooked me showing me what it looked like. Black and dark grey and clear all look very similar to me. Putting the second story on the house took time. Besides the support poles not aligning with the second floor very well, the two support poles by the glass wall on the first level are not long enough because of the support used. The front door and garage assemblies keep moving around or falling off.

Lego Architecture Villa Savoye (Set 21014) Lego Speed Build

LEGO® Architecture Villa Savoye 660 Teile LEGO Set 21014 Baue eines der berühmtesten Landhäuser der Moderne als LEGO® …

Far more pieces and time needed than the former, and far less than the latter. Once done, the best way to appreciate the finished model is to display at higher than eye level so one can view the lower level, which contains most of the detail. My son looked up the real place because he was curious. Very good hobby for teens who think legos are just for when they were kids. Oh, and if you are wondering what the strange orange piece in the box is, it’s to remove other small pieces. The box is not in good condition (wears and tapes) and the instruction’s booklet also in bad condition (the pages have detached and missing 2 or 3 pages).

lego architecture villa savolego architecture vill 1

Lego Architecture # Villa Savoye Speed Build

LEGO Architecture #21014 Villa Savoye Full Review Video Coming Soon!

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