LEGO 21016: Amazon Lego Architecture Series Sungnyemun Toys Games

Impressive structures and memorable scenes come to life with help from the detailed instructions and specialized pieces available in this building set. The set contains a total of 325 pieces, providing builders with everything needed to complete this fun, hands-on activity.

Lego 21016 Sungnyemun

If a child is interested in architecture, then they would love these famous buildings. As well as fun to put together, it always nice to gain a little bit of history as well.

Lego architecture (21016) stop motion build of Sungnyemun. Hope you all enjoy!

lego image amazon lego archilego 1

Lego Review Sungnyemun

This is an Architecture set from 2012. It has 325 pieces, and retails for $34.99. Follow me on Twitter; 

lego image amazon lego archilego 2

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