LEGO 21019 Eiffel Tower Instructions Architecture

Overall it was quite enjoyable, the four pillars, the iron platforms and the four arches are well made. The build is creative but not that challenging.

If you pay attention, you wont have any problems with the stability of the towers lower level.

I was prepared to offer one of my sarcastic reviews. But, the actual build resulted in me having a much more positive attitude towards this product. While the color of the set is a bit off, the final result is a nice, fun representation of the actual structure.A gorgeous model made to really high-quality. The silver bricks give this a grown-up and attractive appearance when complete and it was a really fun build – quite tricky at points to get the parts to pivot symmetrically. The booklet was really interesting and filled with facts about the tower. The quality of bricks is sensational, its robust and a pleasure to look at. The resulting structure was extremely rigid and over the years has withstood storms, floods and everything else mother nature has thrown at it. Box has a 3 inch tear in it but everything inside is factory sealed.

There are some unique techniques involved in the build however, there are some repetitive parts as well due to the symmetry. Kids may like this as well, but it depends on the child. If you haven’t purchased an architecture model yet, this is a great one to start off on as it’s cheap and overall represents what the architecture series is going for.

I finish it in 2 hours with 4 more pieces as shown in the picture. Remember the smooth glossy parts always face outside.

I picked up this set for my daughter, though. She assembled it and put it on display on her shelf. However, he insisted that this is what he wanted. He has since built it and rebuilt it over a dozen times. All of which were fun to build in different ways. The way it all came together utilizing hinges is really cool. When finished, it was indeed the most beautiful of the three. Including frequent breaks the model took about 3 hours to assemble. They complement each other well, the old world meets the new world of architecture. It’s sturdy, and slightly over a foot tall. Also, it’s more sturdy than the smaller ones. There are two “floating” points, which allows the tower to slightly contort. My son is 7 and had no issues with building this on his own.

I took him a couple of hours and he was pretty proud once he was finished.

I urged his to keep it together and display it, as it is most specialty pieces and if just one is missing, he wouldn’t be able to build it again. It now sits on my dresser and is quite a cool looking piece. Lego came up an educational toy for older kids that is a collector item showpiece that is challenging.

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