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It is broken up into the four main stages of the tower. The majority of the joins are via hinges and brackets, but nothing too fancy.

Lego 21019 Review

The build is a little repetitive with having to do 4x most parts due to the tower’s symmetry. The hinges actually make it a surprisingly strong model. However, the top half comes away from the bottom half easily as it is only attached via 4 studs for some reason. Architecture sets that the hardcore collectors will have, if you’re into that sort of thing.This one is to a much smaller scale, and stands at just 300 mm high. There’s not too much wasted space inside. Four bags and one perfect-bound instruction book. It’s a very monochrome set, only the dark green ‘grass’ tiles are not black, grey or silver. Construction starts with the base which is 14 x 14 square. Two name tiles are provided which is a nice touch.

Lego Architecture The Eiffel Tower Review!

Set 21019

The middle section of the tower is constructed first and as you can see, the new-ish clip-plates are put to good use in this section, and in fact the whole tower. Next the legs are attached, again using the clip-plates. This assembly is then attached to the base. Finally, the top section is built with clip-plates and tiles galore and mounted onto the middle section. The finished model is a great representation of the tower and in many ways more so than the 2007 version.

I certainly would have preferred the entire tower to have been made in silver!

It is impossible to lay the perfect-bound instruction book flat to look at while building. Having so much light allows for small apertures and for hand-held shots. Even when it’s in italics below the review. However, many people are interested in it because being able to photograph your models is part of the hobby. The 2×1 plate with clip or bar at the end. Before it we had just a 1×1 with clip which would not be as suitable in a model like this, and there was no ‘bar’ equivalent. The other, who has been commissioned to take pictures of heads of state and front page events, has a couple of old pro bodies and three lenses in total. He says having decent kit might make it easier but it is what you do with it that matters. The splash of silver does break up the uniformity, but at the same time it’s spread out enough that it doesn’t feel jarring in contrast with the grey elements.

You might want to center it up a little more so those iner parts are being too stressed. In the real tower the diagonal pillars appear to form a smooth curve. Look at the first completed picture above. At the top of the base level pillar the line jumps out to start the next section.

Lego Architecture The Eiffel Tower / Der Eiffelturm Lego Speed Build Review

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