LEGO 21030 Review United States Capitol Building

With a sturdy hinged box, deluxe instruction book with additional information and history of the building and a clean, grown up style. There’s no numbered bags, no bright cheery colors, no play features.

This is a serious model for serious builders and architecture enthusiasts. There’s also little tidbits of information sprinkled through the entire book. The set is composed of nine bags, the book and six 8×16 plates. Like all architecture sets, there’s a lot of small parts in this one.Speaking of small parts, fans of white 1×1 headlamp bricks are going to love this set, there’s no less than 178 of them. Stacking them gets a little redundant while building. The build was very straight forward, just a logical layering for the most part. My favorite was on the dome, where a suspended 1×1 round plate and brick are inserted in the tube of the upper plate. This allowed columns to be a circle, despite having no studs on those corners on the rounded plates below. As it is the model is completely hollow inside.

Lego Architecture United States Capitol Building Review!

Many of them are small 1×1 bricks, plates or tiles, including 178 white headlight bricks . The front and side walls are built almost entirely from headlight bricks, stacked three high. Most of the headlight bricks are mounted with the square hole facing out, to represent a window. As a result, the side stud projects inwards. The stacks of 1×1 parts are all a bit precarious until held in place with grey plates. The roof of the building comes together quickly. Finally the dome is constructed separately and loosely mounted on one row of studs enabling it to be removed to view the rotunda below. It is inevitable that on a model of this size the number of windows and columns and so on will not be exactly right, but that does not really matter. Here is a good picture of the front which is of course the part that has been modelled. The back has no detail whatsoever and in fact the curved fences used for the rotunda make it look pretty ghastly. It does not really matter though as it will probably only be viewed from the front when displayed. Architecture sets so this is a most welcome detail. If you are one who likes to snap a few pieces together to get a model made in no time then this is not the set for you. But, if you prefer to savour the build, to take the time over placing every element to ensure it is lined up and square then you will enjoy building this very much. Once finished, you will have a real sense of achievement. When the statues were installed, each state chose two people from their state to be represented by them. Never mind, looks like the states statues are in the room underneath the rotunda. This set is really expensive and for that price you should definitely be able to view the building from all angles. Also throughout the pages, there are random facts on the upper-right corner of some pages. Since the bags are not numbered, you’ll have to resort to the good ol’ fashioned dump all the pieces in a pile.

I highly recommend separating the larger pieces from the smaller pieces. From the beginning steps to around step 33, you build up the base for the set. You’ll find that there are a lot of 1×1 angular bricks to give an illusion of the windows and openings for the building. There are also some 1×2 sloped pieces in the front to represent the steps that lead up to the various entrances.

Further along the build, there are more 1×1 angular bricks to create the wall. At the main entrance, there’s some arch pieces for the door while being surrounded with more fence pieces to show off the column architecture. There are also 1×1 chesse slope pieces and 1×2 slope pieces for the roof area of the three front entrances. For the majority of the building roof, you have a lot of sand green tiles and cheece slopes for the center of the building.

You also have two sand green 6×6 dish pieces which are exclusive to this set. There’s not too much to this part except for stacking bricks and plates. Surrounding that are some curved fence pieces which are also exclusive to this set. The use of the 1×1 angular bricks on the outer edges is pulled off pretty well and it gives the illusion of the numerous windows the building has. The building experience wasn’t too challenging as the building techiques are simple but very repetitive in some places.

Lego Architecture United States Capitol Building Lego Speed Build Review

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