LEGO 21034 London

The shapes and subtle colour schemes of the miniature buildings balance with each other perfectly. To achieve such detail on a remarkably small-scale is very impressive.

In conclusion this is a wonderful, impressively splendid model perfect for display. The set looks really good but is only for display, not to be played with really. The instruction book includes pictures and information about each of the landmarks and is higher quality than normal books. Each set is scaled to give an accurate representation of the comparative size of each structure, with true-to-life colour depiction.It’s actually a great little set that is fun to build (takes around 2 hours at a leisurely pace) and is perry ingenious how some of the buildings are constructed. Not the biggest set but looks good upon the shelf. If you have not got any of the other architectural sets start with this. Really good to do as there are several things to build. London and its most famous building are waiting to be built again. Order now and receive the product as soon as we have it in stock.

We’ve only got left of the item you have chosen but we’ve got more on order. We’ll dispatch now and the other items within .

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