LEGO 21050 Architecture Studio: BrickLink

Also included is a guidebook with 272 pages of tips, techniques, and features. Not unsurprisingly, the next project was to re-create my own home using this wide open canvas of new bricks.

Lego 21050 Architecture Studio

I eventually took the time to thumb through the included book to see what it had to offer.

I remember being disappointed, because the book isn’t especially instructive – it’s just a series of essays and architectural photos by respected architecture studios. That said, each chapter concluded with a “project” such as build a model exploring repetition, symmetry or scale. My initial solution was a stack of plastic boxes with removable dividers and tight fitting lids.They stack easily, but it is challenging to get the parts out of the small compartments without spilling parts everywhere. The small drawers hold small or uncommon parts, and larger drawers are perfect for very common or large parts. A better way to sort and store your bricks. They including two plastic sorting trays, and two cardboard boxes, but this is far too coarse of a sorting solution, and the pieces don’t stay put when traveling.

I am blessed an honoured to hear from people like you that it is something that young people are enjoying too. Do they tend to jump around in the book, or are the able to focus on a single style of architecture for a single session?

Lego 21050 Architecture Studio New From 2013 With Book 1210 Pieces

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Lastly, did you decide to organize the bricks?

It did offer some new ideas, like the art-deco inspirations, that id never explored. My only problem with the actual studio set are the limitations laced by so few blocks.

I would much rather have spent more money to get some more basic tools and maybe a few green plates, just for display if nothing else. As for the book which is included it left me feeling both frustrated and without inspiration.

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Lego Architecture Studio . Лего Архитектура. Speed Build Review

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