LEGO 21105: Village

He had it fully assembled in less than 20 minutes.

I just hoped it would have been a little more of a challenge.

He’s got some that the age group is less and it way more of a challenge!

We decided to keep it even though some of the grey bricks were very loose. At first we thought perhaps it was counterfeit even.

I was also suspicious of the tape, not the normal black spot on the tape on the box.I was super close to ordering one off ebay and returning this, but we got it put together and it joins the other 3 micro worlds on a shelf. They don’t get a lot of play and are mainly for occasional display. Once put together it was staying together ok, however they do come apart easily. The roofs are each held on by 2 studs only, one bump and off they go.

I spent awhile checking about if it was fake and came to the conclusion it must just be a bunk batch of grey (how?), or these sets were being pumped out and quality went out the window?

All the other micro sets we have say the piece count and they are all high quality lego.

It includes a pig, zombie and testificate villager. He’ll outgrow them when soon and someone will get a garage sale deal at make their child happy.

I had a 7 year old helping me build this and he did fine.

I liked that the instructions gave different options for setting up your “world”. Be careful, though: aggressive zombies are out to bother the villagers. He wears a brown tunic with a dark tan 1×1 plate that acts as his legs. The zombie wears a blue 1×1 brick with black plates for legs. The pig’s tilted head is printed with a pair of eyes and a snout. The set comes with two houses, a farm, and a snowy mountain above an underground mineshaft. Be careful when you go wandering as the mine’s walls can explode. Like in the real game, you can add your own creations, like houses and crops. Kids will love building amazing houses and tending crops. They will have to try their best to avoid the zombies that plague the village. Players can split the model into four sections and reconfigure it for a new experience. The set is perfect to build alone or alongside a parent or friend. Either way, players will be sure to create a unique village every time they begin.

lego village

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