LEGO 21107 Minecraft Micro World End

It´s small but with enough element to entretain your kid. Its a great set, with the best ‘charicters’ of all the sets.

Lego 21107

My only problem and its a big one is that it dosen’t include an end portal.

I feel like a geezer complaining about this constantly, so maybe my age is starting to catch up with me.

I mean surely this tiny box can’t hold a lego box with 440 pieces. Imaginative, entertaining, and needs those with patience, but it was a welcomed and is a well used gift.Each of the other sets offered a lot of detail and variety both underground and above. He loves anything minecraft and anything lego.

We had much fun building this and taking it apart and rebuilding.

I plan on doing a full review on my blog. They spend hours putting these puzzles together and they help each other and do quite well. It helps teach cooperation, concentration and fine motor control as the pieces are somewhat tiny.

Lego Minecraft 21107 Micro World The End Speed Build

This has been a very popular item with my grandchildren.

lego minecraft micro world lego minecraft micro w 1

The End Lego Minecraft Set Unboxing, Review, Time Lapse & Stop Motion

lego minecraft micro world lego minecraft micro w 2

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