LEGO 21108 Vs 75828: Review Ecto

Each character features a tag with their initials, just as in the film, as well as a number of pockets and some buttons. All five offer alternate expressions, with one smiling or calm and the other angry or afraid.

Lego 21108 Vs 75828

There is even more detail visible from the back as the torso printing continues. New hair pieces are worn by three of the five minifigures and each one is brilliant, particularly when viewed from behind. Patty’s elaborate style, visible in the centre of the images above and below, is especially impressive due to the intricacy of the texture but all five are exceptionally accurate to the film, including those which are not new. The proton packs have also been updated slightly but they are attached to the minifigures using neck brackets, as usual.Mayhem appears fairly extensively in the second trailer, albeit in a much larger and more intimidating form.

I think this is a good effort given that no new moulds have been created for this minifigure, although it must be acknowledged that his horns should be longer and the wings are too small.

You can seat a minifigure holding the handlebars and there is room for some equipment at the back as well. This equipment can be removed for handheld use but also looks good when attached to the motorcycle as it looks a little more unusual with them in place. The level of accuracy is thoroughly impressive, with clear and orange tinted headlights as well as a grey bumper. Stickers are used on either side of the windscreen to represent the red pillars.

Lego Ghostbusters Ecto 1 Vs. Ecto 1 (21108 Vs. 75828) Review Deutsch

LEGO® 21108 Ideas #006 Ghostbusters(Ecto-1) Erscheinungsjahr: 2014 Minifiguren: 4 Teile: 508 Altersempfehlung: 10+ LEGO® …

A ladder permits access to the top of the vehicle and a door opens at the back to reveal a storage area which can hold plenty of accessories, although there is not space for all four proton packs unfortunately. The angled door looks marvellous and it fits beautifully with the shape of the bodywork which surrounds it. A couple of tiny stickers are used on top and these are difficult to apply which is frustrating but they look great when lined up nicely.

I must also mention the presence of three 1×1 round plates which appear in black for the first time and are used for a cable reel. This issue has been resolved here and now there is room for all four team members to sit comfortably without compromising on the size of the storage area towards the back. The roof is easily removable to allow access and the doors at the front can be opened too, a feature which was missing from the original model. The minifigures take up a lot of room but there is still space for a steering wheel and a handbrake as well as some nicely upholstered seats. A sticker is used on the dashboard and this features some interesting details, notably including an ionising radiation hazard symbol towards the right hand side!

My only criticism relates to the stickers included, some of which are difficult to apply properly due to their small size.

I don’t really like how the mini-figs look. July and hope that the film will be better than the trailers suggest. Wonder what prices will be like for them on the aftermarket.

I always wondered what all the greebles on the roof were for–noting the radiation symbol inside the car only makes me more curious. The first trailer suggested that it was a sequel but that was simply an attempt to relate the new film to the original.

I know you don’t use stickers often, but in case you didn’t know already. And it looks like you would have to fold down the ariels, but since they can only fold to the back that would extend the space needed to accommodate the vehicle. Once the movie comes out then we can determine if it was a failure or a success critically and financially. None of us know yet since we haven’t seen the movie. Really nailed key concepts without getting boring. Buying the merchandise pumped out for reboots just encourages them. Old school is best and don’t try to fix what isn’t broken. Fun and entertaining for the entire family!!

Ecto-1 measures over 4” (11cm) high, 8” (21cm) long and 2” (7cm) wide. First off, the side-doors and the back can be opened – enhancing the playability of the set.

Ghostbusters 3 Ecto 1 and 2 [Review

Also, four minifigs can fit inside much more comfortably that in the first set, where one of them had to lie down at the back. Building larger, but still minifig-size, vehicles like these is a very interesting experience, and you can learn quite a bit from the building techniques. Both vehicles are excellent in this regard, and have an overall very pleasing shape, plus lots of cool ghostbusting gadgets on top. Many of these stickers are tiny and/or hard to apply. This is the only real negative aspect of the new set. It would have been so much better if that logo was printed!

The new movie is not getting much love, and likely won’t become a classic. They would look great displayed next to each other. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

You can still place an order, and there may be some delay, but in my experience they always ship out much quicker than they say.

I doubt the movie will be as good as the first.

Lego 21108 Vs 75828

I think at that time there was only one or two. But yes, it depends on the movie, as “fleshies” only come from licensed material. Build two ghost-hunting vehicles featuring a detachable roof, storage areas for gear and six minifigures!

Ecto-2 measures over 1” high, 2” long and under 1” wide. There’s also some new black 1×2 ingot pieces which are nice to have. Erin has two traps, one of which has a trans-light blue 1×2 round brick to maybe represent an empty trap while the gray one is the full trap. Jillian has a proton sidearm which you can see her lick in the trailer but the instructions only let you build one even though she has two of them.

You can actually create another one using the extra pieces from the set to create a second one.

LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto 1 and 2 75828

The body uses the typical skeleton torso in trans-black while the arms and legs are red. The wings also have some similar printing as with the horns. The front of the car is very well done with some metallic silver grill pieces along with trans-clear headlight bricks and trans-orange plates for the headlights.

I guess this is acceptable since there was no new piece for that. For the windshield itself, there are a couple of stickers on each side to show the red pillars of the car. On each side of the car are a couple of side-view mirrors as well. This must be a relief for those who aren’t too fond of stickers. The back is able to open up to reveal a little storage area for the proton packs however there’s not enough room to hold all four packs. On the outer rear door, there’s a caution sticker on it. There are also some stickers for the tail lights, which surprisingly, doesn’t look too bad. There’s a large yellow light near the front as well as a loudhorn.In the front, there’s a yellow hazard strip behind the light. There’s even room for the steering wheel as well as the handbrake. The dashboard is a sticker with lots of detail like the radiation hazard symbol on the passenger side. Each of them has their own unique style so it’s debatable as to which one is better. Ghostbusters fit into the car at the same time. Another criticism that some may have is that it is a reboot movie and that itself might prevent some from getting the set because it is a disservice to the original movies since it is an unnecessary reboot.

Lego Ghostbusters (Reboot) Ecto & Review!

Besides the booklet, the box contains four numbered bags of parts, with a few smaller bags with small parts inside them, and a small sticker sheet.

I don’t think it contains an awful lot of new parts, other than several new black 1×1 round tiles and a grand total of 8 white 2×2 wedge plates, but there is plenty of other useful stuff such as grey and white brackets and brown jumper plates, for instance. Essentially the same construction was chosen for this new one, even though the real car is far more slab-sided. This is preferable over stickers, but unfortunately the prints don’t all line up properly, making the lines a bit wavy. The front of the car looks very good, with a clever combination of headlight bricks used to model the actual headlights (!) and the indicator lights underneath. Unlike the older model, the front doors on this one can opened. Despite these doors and the space required for the minifigs, the base of the car feels rock-solid, thanks to the use of strategically placed brackets. Even with the roof removed, it doesn’t really flex. The rear door can also open, but because of the space taken up by the construction used to support the roof, there’s little room inside. Building all the doohickeys and thingamabobs on the roof was a lot of fun on the original vehicle and it’s fun on this one too. The construction is clever, with barred doors used for the roof racks and all the doodads attached to those using clips. The roof can be removed in two sections, for easy access to the interior. A few stickers are used to add more details, but the model wouldn’t look terrible if you were to leave them off.This is the price you pay for all the play functions and the details. It’s nothing too special, but adds to the play value of the set. It’s also massively oversized for a figure, but that makes it fit with the car. Two of the ladies wear boots, with the lower parts of legs molded in black. The heads have two faces, so that you can swap expressions. Kevin’s face offers an actual plot spoiler, because the red eyes one of his two faces suggests that he will become possessed at some point in the movie, probably after coming to the rescue. The figures also carry various gizmos in their hands. One drawback of all this is that they are very unbalanced and won’t remain upright unless they’re attached to minifigure stands or some plates. Those sadly don’t come in the set, which means that you’ll have to add your own if you want to display them. But black female minifigures are still rare; a lot rarer than they should be. And good or bad, it definitely won’t make the original any less of a classic. Fans who would rather just stick with the original can probably find ways to retrofit it with some of this set’s improvements like the opening doors. This set definitely gives me hope for future stand-alone licensed sets, because even without a full theme supporting this one, it still seems to offer a pretty complete experience. Obviously 1959 is less than 30 years before the movie.

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