LEGO 21110 Original Price Research Institute Information

This set was always hard to find and is now retired. With an interest in astronomy and sciences in general, it was the overarching scientific theme that hooked me.

On the front of the box is an image of all three vignettes while the back shows the vignettes separately in their own hexagons. The parts are in three numbered bags which match the three vignette builds. It is a stapled booklet printed on better quality paper. Each scientist has a reversible head print with concerned, uncertain and frowning expressions on the reverse side.When something is going wrong in the lab you can rotate the heads and make the scientists look suitably stressed out. It has a lab bench with drawers and a cupboard filled with laboratory equipment. These pages of the instructions continue the hexagon theme with a couple of organic chemical chains as a watermark. The telescope is made up with a bucket, sextant and light sword shaft pieces. The minifigures in this set represent a shift towards white collar professional occupations. When minifigures were first introduced in the mid 70’s, the only indication of gender was their hair piece; all minifigures had the same generic facial expression.

I am pleased that this set also brings female minifigures into these varied professions. Hopefully this set will raise awareness of scientific professions during creative play regardless of whether there are male or female minifigures included in the play experience. Would you like to write an in-depth review of a current set for the home page?

This set was completely unnecessary and honestly disappointing considering much better sets were left because of this set getting made. Wish they were more on top of this, this is a big deal to a lot of people. At least the chemist has new prints, and all those different colors of 1×1 round tiles are making me drool.

lego original price research

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