LEGO 21115 Review

Not everyone cares, but for those that do, it can make a very big difference. Sporting basic purple pants and blue shirt, none of which have printing on either the back of front save for the tiny bit at the neck line.

Lego 21115 Review

Right down to the blocky look, the weapons are obviously wooden based from the brown colour. You’ll find a pickaxe in the main build, but it hangs on a wall. The head is easily the best piece because it is so creepy. It stands and locks into brick pieces, so there is no fear of it falling over.He is pink, and kind of plan to be brutally honest. Minecraft is creeping into every part of my life…little by little. Being a structure (house), you are given plenty of larger flat plate pieces to provide the base of the set. All lock into place with 2×2 block pieces underneath and this also raises it ever so slightly off the table.

I highly recommend building this set on a flat surface like a table. Using lots of 1×2 block pieces, you build up the walls with standard grey blocks.

Lego Minecraft The First Night Review!

Set 21115

Each wall houses plenty of pieces and you’ll find yourself needing to really be careful in these early stages though, as the walls tend to break apart unintentionally. Don’t worry though, by bag 2, the boarder around the roof goes on snapping it all firmly in place. Interior of the structure is where it really shines. The crafting table is here and as is the stove out of stone. Proud to say that these unique pieces are not stickers, but actual bricks with patterns on them. Not only do you get those essential tools, a bed and table are included. Many clear blocks are included providing windows to the outside world, and a fully function wooden door too.

I will have to mod this set at some point later on to actually include a light brick. A chest is here with a bread piece inside. Behind the gate, which opens, it just adds so much detail to the set. Another thing you may notice is the build on the box art is different to the build in the instructions.

You can lift off the gardens and place them somewhere else if you wish to ‘open’ the build even more. The tree itself is so much better in person that it appears on the box. It has clear green pieces to add detail and looks really chunky much like it’s game counterpart. It hasn’t been mentioned yet, but the entire structure can split open to reveal the interior in all its glory. All works on two hinge joints, that unfortunately can feel a little flimsy. The mini figures are of the highest build quality and the structure itself goes above and beyond making fans of the game smile as you notice all the detail put in. Here’s the front of the box showing everything inside. The back shows how the set fits together and hinges along with details from inside. The box is actually quite heavy, heavier than you expect it to be when you first lift it. One reason becomes apparent from the photo below: it’s chock-full of 2xn basic bricks and large plates. The other reason is that the instructions are printed on a much higher quality and weight of paper than usual. The bags are numbered 1 to 3 which makes construction easier. Bag 1 builds the base, the bottom of the walls and the interior of the house.

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The set comes with three tools/weapons: pick axe, sword and axe. Bag two completes the sides of the house. Note how the walls are built predominately from 2×2 bricks to give it a blocky appearance. The windows could have been made from 1x4x3 and 1x2x3 panels but instead they are made from 1×2 bricks which is in keeping with the blocky aesthetic. The building is hinged to provide access to the interior. The pickaxe can be stowed away on the wall using the gold clip. Finally, bag three builds the roof, the sty and adds a small grassy baseplate area on the right. The two roof sections can be removed and placed alongside the other grassy parts to extend the area.

I like the way the front and sides are not finished off neatly, which will encourage extension and experimentation. However there really are a lot of basic bricks in it, and in useful colours too. So if you’re not much interested in the set itself but need them in bulk, it makes a good parts pack.

Lego 21115 Review

If you’ve bought the sets and know the prices, do let us know in the comments. Creeper body has a neckpost instead of a stud to attach the head.

I like the item frame on the wall; its not the nicest-looking but it is an interesting incluson. On a side note: does the pink brick with groove open up the possibillity of a pink grocer?

I honestly could live without buying any of them, because it doesn’t really capture it as it should. They look more like a creation that a young boy built. Strangely they aren’t on the website yet though!

Almost every wall, block or shape is constructed of cuboid clusters of 2×2 bricks, often with a flat capper to make them as close to an actual cube as possible.

Lego Minecraft Review

It may sound a small change, but when you get to the bigger kits, it really affects how their geometry and stability works, for better and worse. A victim of the modified construction style, its cubic walls are tricky to keep in place until you’ve assembled the roof frame, and it’s awkward to maintain the position of some of the support bricks under the base. It’s likely to frustrate younger builders in particular, not to mention impatient older ones. A particularly nice feature is that the roof, a quaint garden complete with tree and flowerbed, only rests in the frame, and can serve as a ground extension when the set is opened. A towering three-story diorama, it has all the elements necessary to connect it to the other sets in the range. It’s sort of like the front of a doll’s house, lacking much depth.

You could easily construct it against a wall and still have access to all its aspects. The two real standouts are an “explosion” feature, blowing out blocks from the side of an upper level to rain down destruction, and a minecart track that stretches between levels. Fun trick — loot for the treasure chests includes two baguettes that the minifigs can hold like swords. It also has several single piece vertical bricks adding to the strength. The only time this set falls apart is when you intend it to.Almost everything is built upon raised platforms, allowing kits to interlock and create even larger worlds. Each set also comes with alternate builds, redistributing bricks to modify layout and connectivity, sometimes creating new features. There are two groups who will get the most out of this range.

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