LEGO 21117 Review: Found

I guess if you’re reading this you most likely already know that and probably know way more about the game than me. But essentially it is a game about using different types of bricks to create stuff.

Lego 21117 Review

Minecraft you can skip to the next section!

Then once you are in, you need to find another special portal to get out again. Activate the portal with the cooked pearls. It looks like a very specific part that won’t find much use elsewhere.Especially as it will probably be pretty rare if this is the only set it appears in. Just the landscape, a platform and a few obsidian towers. The towers have a crystal at the top that regenerates the dragon’s health when it flies by. One of the towers uses a light brick to simulate the regeneration beam when you press down on it. It’s just another platform of sorts, nothing that really inspires if you ask me.

I also don’t recall seeing it anywhere in the game.

Lego Minecraft Set 21117 The Ender Dragon Unboxing, Review, Time Lapse Build

However once finished with it had no interest in trying to make something else out of it.

I guess it’s hard to make that exciting to non-players.

I think you’d have to be a fan of the game to find much interest in this set. Also, is it me or do those dragon wings look completely out of place compared to the rest of the body?

Lego Minecraft The Ender Dragon Reviewed!


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