LEGO 21120 The Minecraft Snow Hideout

The possibilities for off-screen action and adventure are endless. Lay down your wooden pickaxe, store your newly mined coal and build to survive!

Lego 21120 Minecraft The Snow Hideout

Craft a door and build a nether rack fireplace and chimney. Great price – will be great for my older kids on those summer days when its too hot to go outside. Its very detailed and looks just like the game. It has an “exploding” floor and “shooting” snowballs.The characters included in these sets are a fun addition to play. He has been in his room building a large mine craft village for several days now.

I am very happy with all our minecraft lego purchases because he gets hours of use out of them. This set is small enough to complete without the kids being distracted. He is really into all different lego sys and had a lot of fun putting this one together. It arrived in a timely manner and had several ideas on what to make from it.

Lego Minecraft The Snow Hideout Review!

Set 21120

He hugged me and said it was the best gify he got. The set features 327 pieces for a good balance of approachability and challenge, making it an excellent starter set for builders young and old.

The Snow Hideout Lego Minecraft Set Unboxing, Review, Time Lapse Build

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