LEGO 21123

Then use the pumpkin head to create the iron golem, and spring a surprise attack on the zombie!

Features a furnace, crafting table, secret iron golem pop-up function and more.

Lego 21123

He sat there for ages going through the instructions, he’s just turned 6. Would recommend this to any girls or boys who love minecraft and lego. Comes with quite a few figures too so perfect for any minecraft fans. Launch a surprise attack on the zombie with the secret iron golem pop-up function!Mine iron ore with your diamond pickaxe, smelt it in the furnace and use the crafting table to create iron blocks. Stack the blocks and add the pumpkin head to create the iron golem. Accessory elements include a buildable torch and pumpkin. Measures over 3” (8cm) high, 7” (19cm) wide and 5” (15cm) deep. My son (who is 5) absolutely loves that there is a hidden robot and that you can move around the elements. For someone who doesn’t like minecraft, there are a lot of things in this set that they will not be able to use, and there are better options.

Lego Minecraft 21123 The Iron Golem Lego Speed Build

It also has many standard stone blocks and dirt blocks. For someone who’s into minecraft, specifically lego minecraft, this is a great way to grow your collection. There is a cool feature where you can build an iron golem out of blocks and a pumpkin, and then flip a switch to make a real iron golem pop out of the ground. There are lots of parts with minecraft related prints that wouldn’t be useful to standard builders. And the minifigures have obvious minecraft prints on them, so the only part of the minifigures you can use for anything else is the legs. This set is probably a waste of money if you’re buying it for someone who’s not into the game. It doesn’t make the set bad, but you have to know who to buy it for. In short, make sure the person you’re buying this for is a minecraft fan.

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Lego Minecraft The Iron Golem Set Build And Review

LEGO Minecraft: The Iron Golem. Set 21123 Speed Build and Review. Found USA retail, Target, Toys R Us, Walmart $20.

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