LEGO 21125 Price: Nextag

He had such fun building it and then playing with it afterwards. The set can also be remodeled for multiple play options.

Lego 21125 Price

Skeleton falls through the secret trap door. But hostile mobs are gathering in the dense forest surrounding your new jungle home. It has much more depth than many of the sets, giving you the feeling that you’re truly building a part of a real world. It has more than enough pieces to recreate your own world, too, whether you use their suggested rebuilds (comes with instructions for those) or not.It was easy and fun for my 11 year old daughter to put together, and there were no hassles in construction. There is a lot to do with this set, and it interacts very well with theothers. He had a little trouble on a few parts, but overall he did a great job. He loves that he got the 4 figures with it too. So although the set says it is for ages 8, like most of the toy recommendations, it will depend on the child — and also maybe the adult helping build!

We gifted this set to my son for his 5th birthday, and he needed some help building it, but mostly only when there were big or long pieces with a lot of “dots” on them.

Put them together and you have a definite hit in your house.

I bought it for my grandson for his 7th birthday. It’s been a month now and he still plays with it daily. Your child will “love you forever” as they’ve probably already told you a crap ton of times!

And better yet, mixed in with the billion other legos, only for him to then ask for a different minecraft lego set. But, grandparents can easily buy on amazon and have these small weapons delivered right to your front porch. Shipping was quick and all items were present.

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