LEGO 21135

We purchased it last year for his birthday and still uses it today with his other minecraft sets. There are so many things that he has built with this set, the creations he builds are endless.

Lego 21135

The box arrived on time, was intact and met exact item description. Kid loved it and can recreate or change each build with ease. They give you 3 options for each build, and you can still use your imagination (as my child did) to make your own. But there is 1 item that would make this better and that item is the enchantment table.Features 5 sets of bricks, each with 3 alternative model configurations. He loved it and now is buying more to add to his collection. Break open one of the five included brick bags, choose one of the three provided model configurations and start building!

Minecraft™ landscapes with shelters, towers, mines and farms—the possibilities are endless!

Lego Minecraft Crafting Box 2.0 Review!


lego image lego minecraft craftin 1

Lego Minecraft The Crafting Box . Lego Speed Build

lego image lego minecraft craftin 2

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