LEGO 212th Army: Gateway

It went together very quickly–not always a positive, but we’re really happy with the price point and the final product. They came together in 1 shipping box, which is fine, if the box was big enough for both.

Lego 212th Army

The result were both sets somewhat crushed. He loved all the troopers that came with this set, minifigures for him are the best part.

I would buy this set for the minifigs. .. Most legos are so expensive, and totally not worth it because little kids just build them and break them.The figure also includes special printed marks on his legs and a specially made items!

You’ll also receive freebies such as capes or other custom items with the purchase of this or any other figure!

The minifigs are the rare original ones (no stickers, magnet, keychain, etc.).

You will get exactly what is in the pictures.

Here are the new 2014, 212th Utapau clones being added to our 2014 LEGO Clone Army. Obi Wan Kenobi is leading the 212th

Lego Star Wars Massive Th Trooper Unboxing!

Troopers And Clone Wars Clones

Hey everybody here is another unboxing video for those 50 likes I got on the last video which I want to thank you all for.

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