LEGO 212th Clone Battle Pack Star Wars Utapau Troopers Building

This droid features a head that swivels from side-to-side, articulated legs, and a working missile launcher. Inside the original box are two plastic bags and instruction books.

Lego 212th Clone Battle Pack

It comes with legs that are collapsible to add if you choose and three flick missiles. Its legs are sturdy, and you can easily drag it across the battleground. My grandsons love them and enjoy playing with them for hours. The droid choice isn’t particularly bad but would have preferred some form of republic vehicle or outpost.All the figures are exclusive, just by buying about 3 of this item you already have an army and you can never get bored with this set, especially as the guns included can actually fire!

Box may contain slight shelf wear not suitable for collectors. If you buy all 3, you get a functional little clone army and you child won’t speak for a few hours or days at least. That said, with the help of an adult, they will create the intended toy, and are always very excited with the end result. After a little bit of explanation, he was able to read the instructions and put the pieces together himself. A few years ago, most of the figures were pretty plain.

Lego 75036 Utapau Troopers Battle Pack Review!

| Lego Star Wars 2014 Set!

MandRproductions reviews the Utapau Troopers Battle Pack from 2014!

This awesome LEGO Star Wars Battle Pack includes 2 …

Although it is a small set, it is well worth your money. Lego doesn’t skimp out on the accessories either, there’s plenty of toy guns to go around for these figures. Collectors know how pricey buying individual figures can be, so if you’re hunting troopers this set is deal.

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Lego Bricklink Haul # Star Wars + Clone Troopers!

Star Wars LEGO haul from Bricklink of 328 clone troopers (164 x 212th Battalion Trooper, 164 x Airborne Clone Trooper).

lego image clone battle packlego image utapau troo 2

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