LEGO 21304 Review: Amazon Lego Ideas Doctor Building Kit Toys

At this point, huge fans likely already have the set, people who don’t like it haven’t touched it… the people still waiting are likely just like me, on the fence and wondering if it’s worth the money.

I like a lot of the callbacks, but often it feels like they are beating over the head something that’s not worth remembering and ignoring all the things that are.

Lego 21304 Review

It’s not a bad figure, but the doctor is more about the character than the look itself. And as that personality becomes more and more familiar, the look fades into the background. Smith also went through more clothing changes than other doctors, so his outfit feels a lot better than the purple, but that could just be me. The torso looks fine without the leg printing… the figure actually looks worse for it.Clara was a companion of extremes… she showed some legitimate character growth across her first series, and not all of it was good. As builds, these aren’t bad, though a touch too square. These are a bit more developed, with a smaller front.

I wish there was a compromise that would center the parts, like we get in the fun pack version, but the arms look better in this set. That is just a fantastic aspect to the whole set that makes for a really makes this build something unique. It’s somewhat fragile and tenuous, especially on the guardrails.

They don’t fall off, per se, but they get pushed out of shape easily. The console also just feels great in spots, like the arm-panels, and so tenuous in others, like the blue tiles. Plus, where are my ketchup and mustard dispensers?

I think the biggest reason this feels a bit off is that the top of the console is simply far too small. The closed look is just fantastic, with the use of opaque panels to build the inset of the doors. There are a lot of potential applications here for building techniques, so hopefully we get more of them. Really, this set was kind of hard for me to get the review done on. Also, the fact that all the decorated parts are printed is a huge plus. It would even make a perfect display on a desk or in the office. So don’t delay, especially if you want to get it for the holidays. The tardis alone is outstanding, then add to that the inside time machine thing.

I want to build it now but don’t have the time tonight.

I barely have time for the advent calendar.

I think multiples of this set is not a bad idea. They only costs around 10 cents from various sellers around the world. Here is the list of all the pieces in the set. The bricks and minifigs come in six unnumbered bags, though, so you start by opening all of them. The head uses some interesting new parts, including the aforementioned 1×1 round plate with a hole (new in black), 2×2 round tile with a hole (new in dark tan), as well as a 1×1 tile with a pin (which appears to be new in 2015). It appears to be a 1×1 tile with pin, which seems to be new in 2015.

We have seen pictures of the front of the box already but nevertheless it’s worth taking another look. Other notable parts are a new (to me) transparent part that goes on a minifig head and provides two studs on the back, the sonic screwdriver and a pair of the new transparent ‘1×1 round tile with nipple’. The weeping angel looks great, and it is her that uses the transparent neck bracket, for attaching the wings. The 2×2 dishes used for the tops of the heads are printed. Here you can see where the ‘1×1 tile with nipple’ has been used: for the eye.

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Note the white door pane printed with the reverse of the front door. The level of detail added to the hinged sections is impressive. It successfully captures the ‘bigger on the inside’ concept of the time machine and both interior and exterior models are superb.

I am impressed that there are so many nonprinted tiles. In the old show he had 13 regenerations, now he has 26 with the extra set. Different console rooms from different ears or scenes from well loved stories with iconic monsters/villains.

I could have done with some new wings, and the neck bracket in grey, but the restrictions don’t allow for that.

I have to say though that this set needs no introduction. This is a lovely set, with so many nice details and printing. Now, its more neck and neck as to which look better: the character building gold daleks or these. The character building daleks are definitely more accurate to the series, but lego has again managed to capture the essence of the daleks even if they didn’t capture the exact look of them.

Lego 21304 Review

Otherwise, this looks like a nice set for fans of the series. He only wore those clothes for about ten minutes of screen time, so the play options are really limited. They decided to bring back the time war armour for unknown reasons. Nice review, you’ve made up my mind even more than it was!

There are a couple of minor inaccuracies with the police box, mainly that their should be 4 panels instead of three on the outside, although due to scale this can be forgiven. Capaldi, as there are already hair pieces out there that could have done the job. Clara’s face is also a bit, well for lack of a better word, meh and really doesn’t look too much like her. Ideas sets of which great care and attention is taken. The fact that there are no stickers is something i’m very pleased about and hope will continue with future sets.

I tried to put it off, but no, it’ll be mine.

I don’t really mind whether it is exactly the right doctor and with the right attire.

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