LEGO 21305 Instructions

Just to be clear, this will not make it any easier to solve the mazes, and is not necessary to enjoy the full awesomeness of the set. The modification involves raising the tilting frames, so there is more room for them to tilt in each direction, and requires no additional pieces.

You just need to move a few pieces around. One note, this modification will disable the locking feature, since there is now a bigger gap between the tilt frames and the base, so a few extra bricks and plates will be handy if you want to re-enable that feature. If you are ambitious you can increase the height of each by 2 and half plates by using some fancy building techniques with bricks with studs on their sides. The picture below shows the unmodified set on top and the modified set on the bottom, which might give you a better idea of what this change will do.I tinkered with the original maze tilt mechanism previously, but with no success.

I can’t wait to put together additional maze layouts.

2016 Lego Ideas Maze Instructions 21305

How to build the 2016 Lego Ideas set 21305– Maze This set has 769 pieces and is suitable for ages 10+.

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