LEGO 21309 Pre Order Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V Factory

It looks great on the book case, really a very good looking model. Its, almost 1 meter tall but can lie flat on its stand.

A great set for baby boomers to build with their kids or grandchildren. Seller was kind and quick to message me to let me know when it was shipped. Pay careful instructions to the manual as mistakes made early on can be painful to replicate (note the use of pliers in my speed build). In my case, it’s the perfect father and son build.Thankfully, the frustration free box is a box just big enough to hold the whole set including the regular box. It’s shipped in this frustration-free box which is good and bad. It’s good because it protects the set without the need of a huge box and padding. Lego has said they will keep making more through 2018, so you should be able to buy it without paying scalper prices. This set was fun to put together with my daughter and is a great, accurate model as well. Terrific detail and the completed rocket is over 3 feet tall!

It should be in stock at the regular price again once they catch up to demand, so don’t shell out extra money to these third party “marketplace” sellers unless you have money to burn and don’t care about wasting it. Have the conversation with your family about where to store it before purchase, to avoid heart ache. It is to scale, so if you’re expecting to play with the mini-figs, prepare to be disappointed. The finished set is very tall (or long depending on how you choose to display), unless you choose to display as separate booster units. This item’s shipping box indicates what’s inside. It has three removable rocket stages that includes the lunar lander as well. This set is fantastic though, the attention to detail is amazing, none of the graphics are stickers, the build process is amazingly intricate yet clearly described in the instructions. Purchased this as a bday gift for my 13 year old. He absolutely loves it and he keeps playing with it every day!

Better price at target than anywhere else also.

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