LEGO 21309 Singapore

Haven’t started building this yet, but looks like a fun one. By now, you’ve probably seen plenty of reviews from those lucky enough to get the set before it sold out.

Rebrickable’s review of this amazing model. It has a good depiction of the rocket deployment stages during flight on the back. All trophy-figs have the same astronaut print on the front. So, they are a pretty accurate size comparison to the rocket as a whole.It starts off a little fragile and bizare looking. The strange looking contraption in the middle of the booster is there to help connect the corrugated part of the panelling later on. Next we can see the first of the outer panelling and how it connects the two halves of the 1st stage booster. The lower part of the stage starts to get some depth to it. With the side panels complete, the booster is starting to look amazing. Next the outer panelling is added which adds extra rigidity to the rocket.

When pulling them apart, you worry about breaking something but everything is strong enough to handle it very well. So it cannot be removed without breaking things. The third trophy-fig doesn’t show up in any of the instructions but it’s nice they included him. There are three stands for laying the rocket down horizontally.

You can lay it down without them, but the tail fins on the first stage tend to span off. There is a lot of 4-way symetrical building and repeated steps, but they are fairly small items for the most part and it never bothered me. It probably helps to build all 4 items in parallel.

I love the attention to detail – for example the external piping on the side of the rocket, all the little extra bits poking out of the rocket like ullage motors, attenaes etc. Also the colour scheme is pretty much spot on, although the real rocket had a few variations over it’s lifetime. The size is pretty deceptive from photos. Knowing it’s 1m tall doesn’t really prepare you for the thickness and solidity of the whole rocket. The detachable stages and command/service modules are fantastic. The launch escape tower is the only slight annoyance making this kind of play a little cumbersome. The idea to create it with axactly 1969 parts is absolutely amazing. A huge reference to the first landing on moon!

Very nice review, well written and good pictures!

Thanks for the good review and plenty of photos.

I was really worried this set would sell out on the first day, which it did. Still, swapping the cones around isn’t exactly straight-forward, and the tower is fragile enough to break up in the attempt too.

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