LEGO 21310: Amazon Lego Ideas Maze Building Piece Toys

This fits on a single plate a weighs a bit less than a gallon of water. My only issue, if it can be considered and issue, is that it should have 4-6 more minifigures.

They have minifig accessories for 50 or more, but only get 4. Cuts and holes for wires were made with precision, plenty of slack in wires to route and hide. Within 20 minutes, they replied and got the ball rolling on my free replacement parts. This was going to be 4 stars; but the seller’s customer service and attentiveness is what knocked this out of the park!The second one was missing the connector piece for the power supply and one of the strands.

We Got The Lego Ideas Old Fishing Store!

Doing a haul, unboxing, and starting the build on the Lego Ideas Old Fishing Store set 21310. Subscribe to follow our Lego

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