LEGO 21310 Price

Includes 4 minifigures: a captain, fisherman, fisherwoman and a child, plus cat and 3 seagull figures. Measures over 12” (32cm) high, 9” (25cm) wide and 9” (25cm) deep.

This model features a shop with fishing-themed elements, watchtower, and a viewing balcony!

Not only is the concept fantastic, but there are small details hidden all over the place. It was a joy to put together, and it makes a great display piece. There is also so many unique parts and cool stickers!I am saying, this set just included all the features of a real old fishing store should have. Through it would have been better if it had a little boat. It’s different, though, because one wall swings open for play (like a dollhouse). The set uses a range of interesting building techniques. The playability is also very high, there’s a wide range of items for the minifigs. It has so much details and it just a piece of art.

Not as nice as the lighting kit but still a nice touch to it!

Not sure how much kids would enjoy playing with this set [my two, 14 & 11 have zero interest]. Exterior features steps to the front and side doors of the store, railings, ventilator and assorted elements!

It gave us hours of fun and between build stages we would play with it!

Add a small boat to this set and it will keep kids busy for hours. The colors are gorgeous and the completed set looks so nice you can enjoy it as a piece of art when it isn’t being played with. This was so fun to build and cannot believe how sturdy this structure is.

I just bought this set for my dad and he’s so inspired by it and cannot tell me enough about how much he loves all the little details, colours, and just the overall character.

I only wish they would make a fishing boat that fits this style.

We look forward to more pieces from this set. The more you build the more cool little details you are adding to it. Each decoration felt like a lot of thought was put into place and each felt like it really belonged there. The architecture was also very well built because the entire structure is covered on all sides. It was a blast to build and is incredible to look at.

I think it is one of the most complete and intricately detailed sets we have done to date.

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