LEGO 21310: Review Fishing Store

The image is framed and presented against a backdrop of weathered sand green planks, with a fishing rod, reel and float thrown in for good measure. The back of the box (below) offers, amongst other things, an exploded view of the completed build plus a number of smaller panels which highlight some of the interesting features of the set.

The perfect bound instruction booklet is a substantial 276 pages from cover to cover. Her dual-moulded sand blue and dark green legs also appear to be new, although her smiling headprint and her reddish brown hair featuring a ponytail have previous appeared as a part of many other minifigures. The print matches up nicely with new dual-moulded olive green and dark blue legs at the front and back; it’s just a shame that the olive green print doesn’t also extend out to the sides of the torso. The head print also seems to be new, although the dark bluish grey cap has previously graced well over 100 minifigures.This torso has previously appeared as a part of only five minifigures, but the head print, short light bluish grey legs and white cap have appeared much more widely. Below you can see the four minifigures from behind with their hair and headgear removed; all four figures have nicely backprinted torsos, although there’s no backprinting on any of the heads. A number of olive green elements make a welcome appearance during the build; 1 x 4 bricks are only appearing in a set for the fourth time in this colour, as are 2 x 2 plates, while olive green 1 x 2 masonry bricks are appearing in a set for the first time, and olive green 1 x 1 bricks have only appeared in three sets to date. The lower aspect of the store’s walls are made up of a pleasing mix of olive green, light bluish grey and dark bluish grey elements. There’s a nice rock effect at the base of the walls which is achieved via the use of a combination of light and dark bluish grey slopes including 45 degree 2 x 1 triple slopes and 65 degree 2 x 1 x 2 slopes . With the decking completed attention shifts to the main building.

A couple of olive green 1 x 8 bricks are sneaked into the build at this point as part of an internal wall; this is noteworthy as this element has only previously appeared in one set in this colour. The floor of the main building is split into two levels which are connected by a short brick-built staircase; both levels feature tiling which employs a dark tan and dark green checkerboard effect. Pairs of 1 x 1 tiles are substituted for 1 x 2 tiles on a number of occasions, which is irritating for those of us who have a compulsion to ensure that 1 x 1 tiles are always neatly aligned…. This element has only previously appeared in 3 sets in this colour, and it’s quickly covered over with reddish brown and dark tan tiles together with the first appearance in this build of a medium dark flesh printed 1 x 4 tile with a wood grain and 3 silver nails pattern , an element that has only previously appeared in five sets. More of these printed tiles are laid down as part of a ramshackle staircase leading up to what will be the main entrance to the store. Ideas sets, so their appearance here isn’t welcome. Attention then shifts to the tower section. The floor of what will be the tower is tiled with dark blue and medium dark flesh 1 x 1 tiles; the latter have only previously appeared in a single set. A desk made up of a reddish brown chest complete with medium dark flesh drawers is then installed; the chest and the drawers have both only previously appeared in five sets. The time has now come to start cladding the outside of the building. This is accomplished by way of sand green 1 x 2, 1 x 3 and 1 x 4 tiles; sand green 1 x 3 tiles are only appearing in a set for the fourth time. Some of the tiles are mounted on a single stud; this allows one end of the tile to be raised or lowered slightly so that it appears crooked, thus providing a run-down or ‘distressed’ appearance. Four flat silver fish hang from the front of the store, and a fifth is suspended above the side door. Reddish brown and olive green 1 x 1 round tiles, the former which have only previously been included in five sets, are used to top off reddish brown pillars around the perimeter of the building, and reddish brown spindled 1 x 4 x 2 fences are installed around the edges of the main deck. The fences are topped off with tiles, including more of the medium dark flesh tiles printed with the wood grain pattern mentioned earlier. Front, side and rear windows, all with tan frames, are then installed in the tower; the rear window is fitted with a trans-clear pane which is stickered with what looks like old newspapers. The numerous receptacles are filled with tools and other items ranging from minifig scissors and grappling hooks to flippers and sticks of dynamite. There are even a few crates containing lobster or fish on a bed of ice made up of trans-clear cheese slopes and 1 x 1 tiles. One of the chests is decorated with a couple of 1 x 2 tan tiles printed with a picture of a fishing hook which appear to be exclusive to this set, while one of the boxes has a lid consisting of a printed medium dark flesh 2 x 2 tile that is only appearing in a set for the fourth time. It has to be said that assembly and installation of the myriad of accessories plus all the interior decoration is time consuming and fiddly, and it can get a bit tedious after a while, but given that the alternative is a sparsely furnished interior it’s undoubtedly worth persevering. The walls are further raised, and the sand green-clad upper part of the hinged rear wall is quickly constructed and attached, after which the main building’s reddish brown gables are assembled in preparation for the addition of the roof. It also heralds the appearance of a dark orange cat which has thus far been restricted to fewer than ten sets, and a trio of rather excellent rubbery seagulls which have only previously been included in a single set. The main roof consists of two sections joined together by a combination of hinged elements including dark brown modified 1 x 2 plates with a horizontal clip which have only previously appeared in six sets and medium dark flesh modified 2 x 3 tiles with 2 clips which have only previously appeared in five. Each roof section is made up of a patchwork of plates and tiles of various types and colours, a couple of which are stickered.

These are arranged on top of reddish brown 6 x 16 plates which are only appearing in a set for the fourth time. The tower is a very straightforward build, with the main point of note being the large number of sand green tiles used for the cladding – this set is a dream come true if you’re a fan of sand green tiles…. More reddish brown spindled 1 x 4 x 2 fences are installed around the edges of the balcony, with a pair of bright light orange crabs providing an unusual but appropriate decorative touch. It’s topped off with a weather vane featuring a light bluish grey cockerel which is only appearing in a set for the second time ever in this colour. The tower, and indeed the whole build, is completed by the addition of a white flag hanging out front and the construction of a nicely realised pearl gold telescope which is installed on the balcony.

I wasn’t joking about the huge number of accessories – there’s barely room to move in there!

The level of detail is amazing both inside and out, although the downside of this obsessive attention to detail is that construction of the accessories and interior is inevitably fiddly and time consuming, and may therefore end up being frustrating for some. Day 1 purchase for us and that’s our version of “high praise”!!!

I was kind of on the fence on it at first, but seeing this review it’s going on my must have list. The gold braid on the peaked cap represents a non-functional chin strap. This is the best set available in my opinion, even if destinys bounty and ninjago city are tempting.

Lego 21310 Review

I thought this set would be good but after this review and seeing the shear amount of detail and accessories makes it a must have!!!

Saturn is for those fixed at phallic stage.

You are really enthusiastic about this set.

We are not in kindergarten, we know the differences between buildings and rockets. Ideas is not a theme, it’s a forum for fan creations.

I think “this part in only 1 or 2 sets” is fine, but giving a breakdown of this part in the color has been in 10 sets just got redundant.

I understand that some people enjoy it, but perhaps just being able to list up at the end would make up for an easier read. In reality it’s a mess like any other unreleased ideas set with 999 random pieces used for some scene in the set to be relevant.

Review Of Lepin 16050 Old Fishing Store Clone Of Lego 21310 Customize Minifigures Intelligence

And those new torso prints look great too. No yellow skin (except the arms) so they are easily switched for fleshie heads and also easily switched for male or female minifigures. On the side of the shop there is this deck, from which some tires are hanging down. The whole appeal of the set is to give some “idealistic” feel of a sea cottage / house.

You just cant take it from every angle and criticize “there stairs are too small. The figures are great too, especially the captain and the fisherman.

We have to keep our structures and minicitizens save and protect them from water. Hope they have seen the worst and can start rebuilding lives and cities soon. Please support the original product if you could afford to. The set came with 7 numbered bags of presorted parts. In total there are 7 numbered bags just like the original.If you compared against the original you would spot slight differences.

We would leave it to readers to play “spot the difference”. The sand yellow is actually normal yellow. Initially we thought there were missing pieces. Not sure whether you notice the deteriorate in quality of flat tiles. Excellent printing quality for wooden tiles.

Amazing Lego Ideas Old Fishing Store Set | Unbox Build Time Lapse Review

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You need to attach the chains to the hook manually. The minor imperfection would be the non dual plastic injection for the minifigures’ legs. Also there are uneven surface due to wear out of the molding. Do note due to rich interior details, lots of patience needed to get the build done. If you want sand green tiles and wooden tiles, this is the set for you. Open up to review the rich details of the interior. The roof and second floor could be lift up to review the inside. Ten months after that, it was announced that it will become an official set which was revealed only a few months ago. The face printing shows him with a grumpy expression with a gray mutton chop beard. To complete his look, he has a white captain’s hat. His whole look is finished off with a gray cap. The pants are blue with some green boots. Finally the child has on a green shirt with a blue jacket.He also has a smile and wears a white cap. There’s nothing new about him as far as parts go. The whole thing sits on the included tan 32×32 baseplate. The exterior of the fishing store is filled with a builder’s dream with all the sand green tiles and this gives the building a very realistic look to it.

I assume the olive green used is for the algae that has grown on the sides of the building. On the adjacent wall, there’s a stickered 2×2 tile for the store hours. A newer thing to note is the black window shutters that are used. Finally on this side of the building, there are four fishing hanging in the front. The stairs at the front of the store is detailed with a combination of printed wooden plank tiles in 1x3s and 1x4s, standard brown tiles in 1x2s and 1x3s, as well as 1×4 tiles with two studs. The deck goes all the way around back to the lookout tower.

I do like the look of the wheels hanging off the side. There’s also some containers that are filled with ice and some live catch. To the left, is a lamp and a sticker boat rental 2×3 tile. On the back, there are two metered pipes and a pearl-gold water spigot. One feature here is that the back wall is able to open up in two halves to get to the inside of the fishing store. The wooden awning for the store is beat up and is uneven. It uses some printed tiles as well as stickered one showing a board patched up. The roof looks very tattered with loose wooden plants hanging off of it. Below the tower is a large deck that is made with some pillars along with 1x4x2 cross fence pieces.

I presume the fences allows water to easily pass though it during high tide. Building-wise, the part underneath is bare with only a column keeping everything up.

You can’t really see anything below so it’s okay. For the lookout tower itself, it stands two level tall and has the same sand green color scheme as the fishing store. The front of it has a steering wheel with a white flag. At the top of the tower, there is a rooster weather vane. This is referring to the legendary kraken, a sea monster that has been told in many fisherman stories. To easily get to the inside, you can take off the roof as well as opening up the back wall which is on hinges so it easily swings open. Inside, it has a very distinct old school shop feeling filled with fishing equipment and accessories. Finally on the same side of the wall are some black and orange flippers and red barrel on a chain. On the adjacent wall above the door are a couple more printed 2×2 tiles. Hanging on the walls is a pearl-gold bell with some ores and a fishing net. There’s also a printed 2×2 tile of a newspaper saying a local fisherman catches every fish ever. Finally on the floor, there’s a fishing rod rack with a toolbox on top. All of the items here are all printed which is nice. Next to the counter is a rack with a fishing rod, a long spear harpoon, and a couple of smaller harpoons. On the floor, there’s a chest filled with some small tools. There’s also some printed 1×2 tiles for fishing hook boxes. On the railing, there are more of the fishing hook boxes next to some diving helmets with air tanks. Over at the lookout tower, the top portion can be removed as it is attached only by two studs. On the inside, there’s a small office that can be accessed through the store.

I especially love the sand green color scheme along with the earthly colored profile bricks and the style of the wood on the steps and roof.

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