LEGO 21312: Amazon Saturn Lego Ideas Nasa Apollo

Minifigure is approximately 2 inches tall. Not only can she stay in one position much longer than he could (which was an extremely long time), but she gets twice as much work done in a day than he did.

Lego 21312 Amazon

In fact she makes far less mistakes and doesn’t interfere with the experiments of other scientists. If you’re an adult looking for a super dorky present for the girl scientist in your life, don’t hesitate to get it. Note that as this scientist works in a lab she is wearing protective (blue) gloves. Some kids may want extra regular (yellow) hands to swap out when she is not at work.Shipping was timely and well-communicated. The best part is that this toy comes with two little lab tubes, so children can learn to share.

lego image amazon saturn leg 1

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