LEGO 21314

Attach the discs to the back of each minifigure.

I love the arm printing and dual molds in any set.

Lego 21314

It really adds to the quality and accuracy. The builds are duplicated so there is a bit of repetition. It really adds to the display ability and immersion into the world. This is at least ten dollars over what it should be.Amazing set, but please wait for it to go on sale to a more reasonable price. Tbh, they are probably the best part of the set. Would recommend waiting for a sale if you’re on the fence. Only nitpicky compliant is there’s a little bit of a grey that doesn’t fit in the main body of the light cycle. The way it is set up, the moulding pops off with little effort.

I love the way the minifigs fit into the cycles to look like they are merged into the cycle like in the movies.

Lego Ideas Tron Legacy Set Review!


The display is nice, and the cycles are pretty, the trails need to wrap around and extend.

I look forward to getting more time to play with them. Rotating wheels create cool light effects. Fit discs onto the backs of the minifigures for the fight. Step-by-step instructions get you started fast.

I was perturbed at first about the set up as there are so many pieces and there’s no way a kid under 10 could put this together without help, but it turned out not so bad, the directions are fairly easy. Not really a playset, more one to put on a shelf and enjoy. But it’s a surprisingly small box, that just makes two light cycles (with riders). Not bad for the price, but maybe knock 5 off?

Top quality instructions, a quality representation of the modern film too. It’s not the most complex set to put together as you might expect and the variations are limited.

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Lego Ideas Tron Legacy Lego Speed Build Review

Lego Ideas 21314 TRON: Legacy – Lego Speed Build Review for more Lego Speed Builds please Subscribe …

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