LEGO 2230 Helicopter Raft Instructions City Coast Guard

On the left hand side it has a winch that has a hook to use as a hoist. The raft seats 1 minifig with space for a goods cart.

Lego 2230

Both sides of the raft have chains that can be used for lifting the raft with the helicopter winch. This set has many accessories including white backpack, walkie talkie, oar and flag. The minifigs included are a helicopter pilot with helmet and a raft rider with life vest and half helmet. A must have for city lovers, a great addition for your collection.This set was released only to certain airlines. The first one was auctioned of for no more than 13€. One instruction is for the chopper, the other for the raft. Here a shot from the instructions in which the sets are finished by adding the last parts. Here the raft with the boatsman in rough water. After building the set these were the leftovers.

Lego Instructions City Airport 2230 Airline Promotional Set (Book 2)

No very special parts but the accessories are nice to make a complete set. One is the pilot, with a modern air torso. The other is a sportsman with a torso like in the sports sets.

I like the chains (apart from the figs probably the most valuable parts). There is a ‘mailbox’ that gives the chopper space to put something in (like the white backpack). At the left there is a sling with an anchor. This is not very realistic, since normally the rotor wash of a chopper would be too much for such a light boat, but in this case the boat weights almost as much as the chopper does. The cockpit with the two levers when it is opened. At the end of the tail, the chopper has a nice tail rotor attached to the tail wing this will prevent the shopper from spinning and the tail can be used to stabilize the horizontal movement even better. This set (2230) really has that “classic town” look about it. Great find and thanks again for the review. This set is hard to get by, especially for a person like me whom still have perception of buying stuff online.

I love this set very much and will defintely hope to get it somehow, one day.

I like it, especially with some nice focal touch such as the right side of the chopper which feature a mailbox.

You have done a great review, once again.

lego image helicopter raft inlego instructions city 1

レゴ 南海 系 Lego Nankai Series

レゴで南海電鉄汐見橋線2230 系をレゴで作りました。

lego image helicopter raft inlego instructions city 2

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