LEGO 23011 Avtoros Shaman Technic

Small chances builders may need to adjust and trim some of the axles, pins, bearing or beam to exact measurement accordingly during construction. Some people may find the building process challenging and will not fully or partial refund for damages or mechanical function failure due to building incapability.

We ship via trackable postal or carrier service depending on the destination which usually takes 15-20 working days.

It’S Not Lepin 23011 Avtoros Shaman. It’S Lego Technic Moc 5360 Avtoros Shaman 8×8

The Original video is

Mở Hộp Lepin Lego Technic Moc Avtoros Shaman X Giá Cực Hot

Bán Lego Technic MOC-5360 Lepin 23011 Avtoros Shaman 8×8 Xếp hình lắp ráp ô tô địa hình 8 bánh chủ động điều khiển từ xa …

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