LEGO 240sx: Nissan SX Lego Build

It took me 2 weeks to complete this model, but the outcome is totally worth it!

Well, there are a few functioning parts like opening doors, hood and working flip lights.

Lego 240sx

It was difficult to make it very accurate to the actual model.

Lego Nissan 240sx

This is my lego Nissan 240SX w/ custom widebody kit. It’s powered by a 2JZ-GTE Single turbo and would produce around 700hp …

lego nissan lego build lego nissan 1

Lego Nissan S Sx (Lrd)

1993 Nissan S13 240SX Widebody 2JZ-GTE Singleturbo white gold rims (By: LRD) official #LEGOJDM.

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