LEGO 2734 Trains Straight Track

This curved track sets give you infinite flexibility.

We just bought a new house and the basement has a shortish carpeting.

I do not know why though, they play with this set every week. Lego seems to be discontinuing the switches and bridges, that is a shame. My grandkids will play with this some day. Thanks for the fast service and offering the right stuff.These extra tracks are great to allow him to be more creative and build longer tracks. The tracks aren’t exactly the same as what comes in the sets, but totally compatible. The pieces are durable and the kids love it. Train motor and gas pump make realistic sounds!

Use the working conveyor belt to load and unload the train!

Lego 2734 Duplo Straight Rails

I’d have a description here if I thought you needed it. Or maybe if people read these things.

You know what?

Maybe I’ll just not fill …

lego trains straight track lego duplo straight ra

Lego + + + Part I

lego trains straight track lego duplo straight ra 1

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