LEGO 2916

After some initial help, my 4 year old now happily builds all sorts of weird machines which make equally weird noises.

We also spend a lot of time in the dark so we can see the “cool lights”.

Lego 2916

Lego, and in a form that is easily accessible to under fives, seems to work well and encourages some very imaginative stories!

Lego Action Wheelers 2916 Mybot (Toolo, Technic Duplo)

Listen to the different sound MyBot can make. And look at it’s lights!

lego image lego action wheelers 2 1

Zestaw Lego Action Wheelers

Zestaw Lego z klockami dzięki którym wydaje różne dźwięki,

lego image lego action wheelers 2 2

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