LEGO 2×3: Evolution Early Lego Brick

Indeed, the early leaflets illustrating the baseplate do not show this brick or mention it as part of the complement of the boxed sets. Looking from beneath into the brick interior, thin longitudinal ribs will be noticed.

Lego 2x3 Brick

These were probably carved in the mold to help with the ejection process. Originally the logo was rather shallow and the mold units were unnumbered. Subsequently each mold unit was marked with a faint mold number inscribed by hand and the logo was deepened and made very conspicuous which suggests a clear intention to diferentiate the product from immitations (see this page on altered molds). Seen from beneath, the interior ribs are transversal and not longitudinal (one is clearly seen in the lower part of the interior of the right brick above).Only the two basic slot combinations seem to have been produced. Seen from beneath, there are no interior ribs, but four circular marks (one left, two central and one right) are noticed. These are the imprints of ejector pins that separate the part from the mold and have, for the first time, been used (they are clearly seen in the interior of the red brick in the figure above). Each brick is marked with a distinct, protruding, mold number machine-engraved to the mold. For the first time with this mold, the four slot combinations were produced. It must have been a particularly expensive mold, because of the brick types produced, their size, and the need for many ejection pins.

Lego® Worlds Ps4 Legendary Brick 2×3 Location

Legendary Brick 2×3 Location x13y33z31.

In the bricks made with the re-machined mold, the slot positions are still faintly visible because the machining of the hardened mold left small burrs. Mold numbers inscribed near the logo (the transparent brick above is nr 1). From above, the sides of the studs are seen to be sometimes taller than the top. This is caused by the intrusion of plastic in the periphery of ejector pins positioned over the stud tops. Bricks were still slotted and mold units were made at this time to produce the opposite slotted brick (mold nr 7) and the 90º slots (nrs 1 and 2). All mold numbers seen were machine engraved. The studs are hollow with a diameter of circa 3mm, as in the previous version. Mold units are identified by simple numerals set above the tube. These are distinguished by the smaller diameter hollow of the studs, correcting a possible fragility of the previous version. The first mold or molds were identified by a number only, subsequent molds identified by a code consisting of a number and a letter on opposite sides of the underneath.

lego evolution early lego brlego worlds ps4 legend 1

Lego® Worlds Legendary Brick X Slope Location

Legendary Brick Slope 2×3 x79 y79 z89 LEGO WORLDS!/de-de/tid=CUSA02979_00.

lego evolution early lego brlego worlds ps4 legend 2

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