LEGO 2×4: Buy Storage Brick Lego Bricks Building

The stackable bricks can be used as giant building blocks as well as for storage. Decorate, play, form and have fun with the drawers while using them for storage.

Gather all your regular lego bricks in this large size storage brick and make it a more playful way of tidying up.

I just read it again, it’s really worth it.

You can get to almost every piece in less than 3 steps. When you need more ‘blocks’, just build them.Easy to find (for the most part) because you see the pieces. Sorting by color is not worth the effort– too many colors.

I feel they are worth the extra money – great for small bits and specialized pieces. They are easily stackable and have holes on the back for mounting. Take an inventory of what pieces you have – whatever you have a large number of, fill a container with an appropriately sized bin for that many pieces. You’re constantly opening and closing drawers since the thing becomes unstable with more than one open at a time.

Lego Large Storage Bricks 1,2,4,8 Stud Buildable Brick Containers

They are great for storage and access to the parts is a lot easier than in drawers. Another big advantage over the drawer-organizers is how easy they are to transport.

You might have noticed that they are now empty.

I prefer the big clear plastic ones with rollers underneath.

I love the sound of bricks when we’re all digging around. Others have mentioned children and these would work well especially for kids. The only downsides are that some bricks can be hard to find against the sheet (depending on colour) and there’s zero organisation. Browse other questions tagged storage or ask your own question . How do you store your built models for long-term display?

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I love how these stack perfectly together and have the lid overlap the bottom piece the entire length of the container sides (see pic). They are nice looking enough to have in a living room, or at grandparents house.

We store the building booklets in them too, and other small favorites. They are not very deep but can be used to store books or general stuff you need out of sight. The stackable aspect is obviously amazing and they just look so cool. It gives you a new and exciting way of doing interior decorating as well as the practical purpose of keeping everything tidy. For some reason the container has three 3 1/2 inch rings, with 1/4 inch openings that are over an inch deep where all the little pieces get stuck. Also there is a picture with 1500 bricks (xl lego creative box) so you can see round about how many legos it holds. The pix look like the brick might have sorting trays bc the inner wall has ridges.

I bought the educational duplo set (something like 150 pieces) and then a 100 piece set and they all allllmost fir- not quite. So the 8-brick can hold around 200 average duplo bricks.

You do lose some space due to its stackability. The other drawback is the lack of sorting, however it’s solid. It really becomes a space saver when you have more than 1.

My 2 year old can pull the top off when she wants to play, and then her 4 & 6 year old brothers help her stack it back on top of the other bricks when they are done.

I would definitely recommend as a lego storage solution, as well as a stackable space saver.

I used a suggestion to tape bottom of inside so small pieces don’t get trapped. Young children using it have needed assistance opening lid. Semi broken down sets it fit over 6 bigger sets, and around 7 mini sets along with people and their little pieces. If you place something over them, you have nothing to worry about and the other issue is also because it can be stacked you lose out on some of the depth of the storage brick.

Lego Element Daily Large Storage X Brick In Red!

lego storage brick lego briclego large storage bri

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