LEGO 3 In 1 Boat® CREATOR® Aviation Adventure Building

Build a yacht for summer fun on the seas, featuring a well-equipped cabin, radar and more. Build and rebuild your models for endless creativity.

Lego 3 In 1 Boat

Includes 3 minifigures, all ready for fun and adventure. Amazon’s excellent return/replacement policy. My favorite thing about this set is the sandcastle and crab!

I gave this set to my 10 year old while we were on vacation by the beach as an activity to do before bed.He absolutely loved it, and it made it more fun because we had one boat oating, there was boogie boarding and surfing (or at least attempts to surf!), and lots of sand castles being built and destroyed by 3′ tsunamis. He had so much fun with this that he wanted to take it to the beach and dig a little hole close to the water to make a lake for the boat and jet skiier. The coolest thing from that was that the blue lego pieces from the boat siding now became the water’s edge. The kits have a lot of pieces, but my seven year old nephew got through it with ease. Fun build and my kid plays with it all the time. They are one main build with two alternative and mildly related builds (which are really just two other ideas for things you can make out of the pieces needed for the main build).

I don’t like a set that uses only some of the pieces in the box (only happens with the 3-in-1).

You pay more when you get “special” pieces that are custom to the set you’re building. This set has the navy blue pieces you can see that make up the bottom of the boat. He uses minifigures in imaginative play scenarios. Cute set with challenging but not unreasonably difficult assembly. The only “downside” is that some of the parts for this set are only usable in this set. Once my nephew finishes with a set, he often takes the individual pieces and used them in his own creations. A couple of the parts have very specific uses (like the deck of the boat) that can’t be used in generic free-building.

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