LEGO 3 In 1 Sets: Amazon Lego CREATOR Aviation Adventure Building

With working rotors and a back ramp, it also includes instructions for rebuilding the pieces into an exciting air show bi-plane or a high-octane speed boat. My 6-year-old son who loves planes built the plane model first.

I though he would keep it for months like he usually does with his other pieces. He also liked the plane very much, but before the end of the day, he took it apart and built the boat!

It’s amazing and all of them look really cool. The skill needed is just right for a 6-year-old, not too difficult nor easy.After playing with this toy after they build it, they can take it apart and build something else in their imagination and keep on learning. Gave only 4 stars in durability because the pieces can be broken if stepped on and they tend to be scattered all over the floor wherever he’s playing with them. The set features adjustable mirrors, side air intakes, and a rear spoiler. Check out the competition left in your dust. Sporty blue, white, and yellow color scheme with low-profile tires. This set was right up his alley and it didn’t disappoint.

Lego 2015 Sets Haul From Amazon!

Part 1

My Haul from Amazon!

2015 LEGO Set!

$59.99 for what iI got!

Watch to find out!


This is part one of two. Be on the look-out …

He’s five and was able to complete it without assistance. They opened their boxes immediately and started building it. Serve your customers with fresh fruit and vegetables, a morning paper or delicious beverages at the cozy grocery shop, or visit the neighboring toyshop where there’s a cool toy robot for sale!

You can also rebuild the set to create a post office or a newsstand—now that’s what you call a 3-in-1!

Fire up the grill, move the lawn, and take the car out on the town for some quick errands. Then kick back and relax once the sun goes down and turn on the functional light bricks. Hood opens to reveal detailed engine compartment.

I stayed up till midnight redoing it trying to figure out where he went wrong. The newer version uses 3 pieces per wing, the old version used 6 pieces per wing. Once we got past the missing pcs challenge, he was a happy camper. Slightly challenging but a little help from dad and they had it together in a couple of hours. Yes he is 5 years old but he can put together these sets and loves them!

He loved the challenge and rarely asked for help.

We had to substitute them with pieces from a different set. Build the ultimate bakery with rotating cake stand and more. Rebuild into two amazing alternate models. Easily mix and combine the buildable modules to customize your cake shop. A shopkeeper and two customers are ready for fun, plus amazing brick-built details like a gumball machine. Fun little candy shop, no missing pieces.

I find that kids do rearrange the building, and it is ingenious, but there is limited interest in it. It is rectangular, colorful, adorned with a sweet shop detail here and there, but it is unremarkable.

I would score the playability low for this set, too. And if there were ever a kit to inspire creativity and custom builds, this is it. Put the counter on the right instead of the left, vary the width of the awning stripes, use brick façade or not, or simply build a home kitchen instead of a store—go wild!

My 10-year-old nephew has had great fun with this kit. He built the sweet shop in 40 minutes, stopping to examine and play with the pieces along the way. After trying out the other 2 setups, he has now integrated the pieces with his other architectural kits. There are also three mini figures to act as shopkeepers and customers. The build is relatively straightforward, and the final product allows good, imaginative play. It’s the kind of thing he can build in under an hour, not over several days (or weeks), and that he can create a world around the finished product. This is a set with appeal for my girls as well as boys.

We especially like the display case in the main build with the rotating display, lots of little treats to put in there, the staircase, and three minifigs to act as patrons and clerks. Hopefully this won’t encourage their sweet tooth too much!

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