LEGO 3 In 1 Sets: Amazon Lego Creator “Rotor Rescue” Helicopter Biplane

There are many different directions that these sets can take and each works on a basic theme to provide alternative options in a new scene or adventure, for example providing a selection of vehicles for mini-figures to use, different shops for a street scene or different animals. As you may therefore expect, the build is a characterful property with spacious interiors and plenty of features to appeal to the couple that reside there (with their pet dog).

Lego 3 In 1 Sets

Next door is a small park with a bench, and a strangely exotic-looking bird. Alternatively, players can turn this building set into a cozier suburban house or a city cafe. The suburban home takes away the fire escape, entrance hall and roof terrace and provides a conservatory with a front garden. The cafe has a sweet alfresco dining area and awnings.All three have space for the other accessory in this set – the scooter that lets the mini-figures ride home or to the cafe in style. The first is the main build of the seaplane. This yellow and blue plane (the perfect color for tropical adventure) has spinning propellers and a cockpit for the captain/ owner. Interestingly, this causally-dressed mini figure can appear clean-shaven on the way there and bearded for the return journey. The other mode of transport is the speedboat – a little slower but great for those that want a leisurely cruise through the ocean. The boat has the same fun color scheme and makes great use of features like the landing lights from the plane.

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As this is a 3 in 1 set, there has to be a third build. This build convert the plane parts into a two storey beach hut with the propeller as a wind turbine for power. There is also a barbecue to grill the fish caught. The scenic details continue with the separate mini build-able island with palm trees and the message in a bottle/map feature. The main build here is the beach house model. The building is elevated off the beach, with room to swing on a hammock between the supports, and there is a small ladder up to the first storey. The build is created in nautical stripes with a place to house the included surfboard, a ceiling fan, fish tank and a palm tree outside. This main build doesn’t necessarily showcase both mini-figures and all the parts. For this players need to build the other models – the beach side shop or the boat side harbor. The shop is a great place for the two mini figure to mean up and collect supplies. It has a flag, awning and flippers for sale. The harbor build is ideal for playing around on the jet ski accessory. The posable elements are a starting point with these robotic, moving models. Furthermore, there is the unusual addition of a light brick to light up the models green eyes. The additional builds of this 3 in 1 set are less technical, but arguably a lot more fun. Once the robot has been mastered, players can create either the robot bird model or the robot dog. The bird is cute with the same azure, grey and black color scheme and moving wings. The dog is a lot of fun as he has a jet pack accessory to allow him to “fly” around the landscape. The easy option would have been 3 different stunt planes. The first build alone contains a surprising amount of bricks for a scene with two planes, a transport truck and a couple of flags and a windsock. The big yellow truck has space on the back for the jet plane that is staring in the show. The show also stars an orange and white propeller plane for a bit of history. This would normally be enough for one set but, as this is a 3 in 1 building set, there are two separate builds. The first turns the yellow truck into a construction truck with a moving arm and cab.

This is helpful for creating the hangers and stands for the audience. The other build creates two race cars and some lights, which would make for night entertainment between displays. The oversized tires, angular orange body, large exhaust and spring suspension all look brilliant. There is also a second, safer looking bike to build here in the form of the road bike. This beefy model loses the suspension and provides a wider body with handlebars and a big headlight at the front. Again, this looks like it belongs on a track rather than the street, but that wont stop many daredevils from giving it a try. The long orange body is super streamlined and there is plenty of power behind those massive back wheels. This sleek chopper has a large spinning rotor, an engine, a cockpit with tinted glass and a rear landing light for careful manoeuvres. The plane makes use of the second, smaller rotor from the back of the chopper and has the perfect landing gear. The cute boat turns the wing elements of the plane into a sail. The trunk opens to reveal the engine, there are details to the dashboard and nice touches in the color scheme and use of a tinted windshield.

Lego 3 In 1 Sets

Those colorful bricks and interesting parts come into play again with the additional builds of the truck cab and fast boat. The red and black bricks are put to great use, as are the window elements, strong wheels and prominent headlights. The humorous addition to this set is the tow truck build. Racing cars are cool and fast, but they can still break down. There is the classic tank engine, with a great colour scheme and recognisable shape, as well as a carriage and a more modern fast train. This extends the opportunities for creative play and lets kids play around with the different shapes and mechanics. Each build makes great use of the blue, black and grey bricks, the window elements, the wheels and the buffers. There is also a “light” for the front of the old-fashioned engine.

LEGO Creator 3 In 1 Sets

They all take the action up into the trees, where mini-figures can plan adventures, escape the world or have slumber parties. However, each configuration has a slightly different feel to it. There is a small clubhouse with a detailed interior, a larger, expanded tree house that it a little more rugged for adventures, and a separate building with a little tree fort attached. Players merely have to fold out the building, move the tree branches and leaves and see what set up they prefer. One set of pieces gives the impression of a work in progress, which is ideal for that larger, opened-out tree-house. This includes the wheelbarrow, tools, and planks of wood. Other accessories in this set include elements for the finished interior, like furniture and a telescope, as well as flags. There is even a frog and blue jay to enhance the natural theme. The large camper van houses the mini-figures for their vacation, with an additional trailer with a motor boat for trips on the lake. The roof of the trailer, which has its own storage rack, can be removed to see inside the interior. There are also lots of additional accessories for fun adventures.This includes the barbecue and outdoor furniture to cook up a meal in the sunshine. Just be aware of the large build-able bear that lives nearby!

A camping trailer isn’t everyone’s preferred option when it comes to a country getaway, and some people would much rather be out on the water. The good news with this set is that the main build of the camper van can be reconfigured into either a more cozy summerhouse or a yacht. Here some of the additional elements, like the trees and flowers, can be re-purposed in the scenery. The same goes for the food and luggage, like the suitcases and fish.

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This is a 3-in-1 model so one day it can be an important beacon saving ships from dangerous rocks, the next it can be a cost seaside holiday home complete with private jetty and speedboat. There are lots of options with this kit and around 500 bricks of different colors. The lighthouse and lighthouse keeper’s cottage are made from modular elements so that they can be assembled to the player’s liking and the cottage also opens up to reveal the interior and accessories. In some ways this is perhaps more than just a 3-in-1 model as it all depends on the imagination of the child. With all these bricks and the different elements involved – like the whale, flowers, fire and boat – the coast will always be changing. This two storey building comprises of the sandwich shop downstairs and an apartment upstairs, the latter having a balcony and some basic furniture. The main build is that aforementioned helicopter. It is an appealing build to any player that enjoys building helicopters because of the attention to detail. The blue and white colour scheme is attractive, there are nice twin rotors on the top, landing skis to help it land on snow and other features. There is also a little snow cat model that can be winched into place with the working winch. The great thing about this snow-scene theme is that it continues to be reflected in the other two builds. If players feel that the helicopter is a little slow, they may want to fly into the tundra and snow storms via the single-engine airplane instead. Alternatively, if the little snow cat is too simple, it can be transformed into a snowmobile.This vehicle uses the treads of the snow cat and has that brilliant winch system on the back to help with mountain rescues. Players can rough it with minimal supplies, using the letter and quill for some inspired writing, and opt for a few more creature comforts. Whichever option players choose, the highlight of the set is surely the range of exterior features for the minifigures to enjoy. There is a wood chopping area to create a camp fire, characters can use their fishing rod to catch some fish in the lake and nature is all around – not only are there lilies and a frog in the pond, there is a build-able moose!

It also has retractable wheels for a safe landing. If players do want to create their own air show, they can easily reform this plane into either the helicopter or hydroplane. The helicopter brings a fast paced sense of action with is aerodynamic shape and spinning rotor blades while the unusual looking hydroplane could end up stealing the show. There is a black and white racing stripe on the hood, a large spoiler, alloy rims on the wheels and a fold-down roof so that any minifigures riding inside can enjoy the sunshine. First, players get to build the ship that will take them out to sea. It has a bridge, lights and communication equipment but also a moving crane with a little submarine on the end. The extra building options here are the larger yellow submarine for more intense undersea exploration and a red cargo plane that can bring in extra team members and supplies. With these three options, any marine team should be well-equipped. To call this a 3-in-1 set is actually selling it a little short because there are actually 4 key builds to this set – the dog, duck, squirrel and owl. The cute puppy, with his big floppy ears and white paws, has come across a duck with three little ducklings and would like to play. Both the dog and duck are posable so players can have great fun acting out this scene. The use of the tan, brown, black and white bricks mean that builders can also create a squirrel with a big bushy tail and an owl. A neat extra touch with the owl is that the yellow of the ducklings and duck’s bill form his own beak and talons. The main build is the most complex of the three, providing players with both a green transporter truck and a small orange helicopter that travels on the back. The range of elements in this build, from the cab and cockpit to the big tires and rotating blades, means that there is a lot to work with and the two extra builds take these bricks and turn them into something completely different.

The wheels, orange helicopter bricks and lights are used to form a cute off-roader and the cab, cockpit and blades can be reconfigured into a sleek tractor and plough. The blue, orange and white color scheme gives these planes a slightly different look while the shape of the movable wings and the inclusion of the tinted cockpit and engines show that these are sleek plane that military mini-figures would love to get their hands on. Whichever model players choose, they can be sure of fast-paced aerial adventures. The moving parts of the backhoe loader mean that this small, but well-formed vehicle becomes a great interactive element for keen players. They can use the rear digger at the back to dig up the rubble elements and then load them up on the front loader. This 3-in1 set’s secondary builds of the telehandler and dump truck provide a different way of dealing with the mess and all use the black and yellow element, thick tires and joints to great effect. Add to this the driver’s cab for a mini-figure and the orange warning beacon and there is plenty of opportunity for creative play. This tough truck should be able to keep users safe high above the sands with its large tires, bull bar and roll cage. There is also a fire extinguisher for real emergencies, an antenna for keeping in touch with other members of the party and yellow warning beacons. The alternative builds are the smaller 4×4 vehicle and the dune buggy, which should add a bit of speed. The main build is the bold blue jet, which measures 14 inches long and 12 inches wide. The patriotic colors and aerodynamic shapes are ideally suited to the mission and there is also the movable flaps and usable cockpit to enhance the scene; however, the main selling point for kids is the fact that this jet can be broken down and rebuilt into two other vehicles so our hero will never be left behind when pursuing the enemy. The shapes and parts are well-suited to forming a neat like helicopter for landing in difficult terrain and a hovercraft for venturing out on the water. They can start with the summer cottage with its cute awnings on the windows, a garden scene with a light brick barbecue and a swimming pool and move through the year into autumn and winter. With so many accessories in this set and the chance to change the decor there are plenty of ways to spark a child’s imagination. Whether kids want to take their mini-figures out on safari in the savannah, tracking down treasures in the jungle or any other scenario they can think of, the choice of the hovercraft, helicopter and off road vehicle means they can easily get around and the use of camouflage means that they can blend into the surroundings. The off road jeep is the star of the three pieces because it has room for the mini figure inside and loads of great pieces that suit the environment, such as the big headlights and tough tires, but there is also a winch in case players find themselves in trouble. Each build is unique and each provides a lot of fun. This range of different shopping opportunities and addition of the money means plenty of opportunity for imaginative play and big-spending mini-figures. The main beach house provides the sea front facade of the home and near by store and plenty of accessories for fun games. Players can relax in front of the house on the decking area, rent surfboards and buy drinks from the store and just enjoy the sun and sea. All of these seaside features, which also include a starfish and seagull, can also be enjoyed from the summer cottage and summer shack, which has its own outdoor swimming pool. The robot itself is pretty impressive as it stands at 6 inches tall and looks quite tough with its big rocket booster, fold-able orange wings and the big blue eye that keeps an eye out for trouble from the movable head. Being a robot is pretty cool but it is not the best way of getting around without being noticed so the chance to build the fast jet and car are a big help. This model is 9 inches long and has a tilting cab and a folding ramp to allow the red car and yellow off-roader to drive aboard. Alternatively, kids can break this down and rebuild it into either a tow truck to tow a yellow car back to safety or a mobile crane for construction work.It is all about a job well done and the finer details, like the moving parts and warning beacons, should help kids immerse themselves in the role. Here the premise is exactly the same, a set of bricks that can be reconfigured to form three different shapes, but the forms are arguably a lot more different from each other than the houses. The most impressive has to be the dragon because of detail in the scales, horns and eyes as well as the inclusion of the fire for his breath and the movable wings. These odd shapes can then be used to create a sharp-looking scorpion with big claws and a mean looking snake with big fangs so there are plenty of options for scaring characters, or younger siblings. The star build that draws buyers in is the brightly colored parrot with its impressive blue and green plumage, a big beak that opens and closes and movable wings and eyes. This a great starting point for a jungle scene as he also comes with a little frog friend and a fly, presumably for the frog to catch. From there, kids have the chance to rebuild the bird into a chameleon or a tropical fish, both of which make great use of those colors and rotating eyes. It is fast and exciting and offers a great building project with the attention to detail that has gone into the different parts. Instead of just putting on a steering wheel there is a working steering mechanism for those big front tires and there is also a great shape to the individual parts. Just in case this go-kart was not powerful enough to meet the needs of all the kids looking for a good race, the set can also be transformed into a quad bike and a forklift truck. As always, this gives kids the chance to have whole new adventures, this time providing great off-road adventures and industrial work. There is once again that important sense of adventure, because this combination of red and yellow bricks comes together to form three very different models for different situations, but there is also the sense of duty and a job well done.

The sleek catamaran, with its big sail and rudder, can make short work of large expanses while the swamp boat carefully plots a course through the mist and murk. There is something a bit more grown-up and dangerous about this blue racer because it looks more like a tough rally car, with that hinged rear spoiler and the general bulk of the body, and there is the nice added detail of the four orange traffic cones, which kids can either drive through or smash into as they see fit. The two other vehicles in this 3-in-1 set reflect this sense of a tougher model because kids can also build a buggy, which is even better suited to racing and shows off the alloy wheels, and a snowplow for clearing up the debris from any crashes. Includes an explorer minifigure and his faithful buildable dog. Room for minifigs a little bit tight but ok. When you’re done racing, rebuild it into a powerful snowplow with movable snow shovel or a cool buggy with awesome rear engine detailing. Check out the sporty blue, white and red color scheme!

Snowplow measures over 1” (4cm) high, 2” (7cm) long and 1” (3cm) wide. Buggy measures over 1” (3cm) high, 2” (6cm) longand 1” (3cm) wide. Test your driving skills as you weave through the orange traffic cones at high speed. Features a sporty blue, white and red color scheme, beefy exhausts, cool alloy-look rims and a smart rear spoiler panel that opens to reveal a detailed engine. When you’re done racing, rebuild it into a powerful snowplow with movable snow shovel or a cool buggy with awesome rear engine detailing. This set can produce 3 different shapes, but the police car is the best. Instruction was clear, and he was able to build the car in 15 minutes. He also breaks it up and builds the 2 shapes, but finally settle with the police car. One of my photos has a blue tower with 2 red flag. Those are not included, but you can find the set for very cheap price. The son was able to build a small town with a police car. These basic creator sets are perfect for starting a collection or keeping a child busy for hours of building or play without overwhelming them with 1000-piece model-sets. He likes to take them apart straight away so he can build the next version, so definitely keeps him entertained.His parents have bought this boxed set over a dozen times because he just can’t get enough of the cars. If you have a lego city or town, a few of these inexpensive boxes will give you some great vehicles for the town.

You can easily create a fleet of vehicles. The instructions are very clear and easy to underatand.

I love that it can be broken apart and changed three different way. The police car is very cute, and they love to use it to “chase down the bad guys”. The kids had a race to build a racer and then had a race with the racer they built.Lego makes a great product with clear instructions and no missing parts (they actually include extra parts). Includes everything you need to have a blast at the beach. Load up the surfboard, parasol, table, and foldaway sun lounger and chair for your trip to the beach. Set out the parasol and seats, and get the barbecue grille and table ready for fun in the sand. Includes two minifigures ready for summer adventures. There are also a lot of little hidden fun features that really add to it. Clever storage of things like the camp seats, grill, and surf board. Note that if the wheels don’t spin easily, adjust the black wheel and hub until they snap into the correct position. Sometimes having the bumper or a piece of the van ever-so-slightly out of what will make the wheels rub. My 7 year old is obsessed with anything lego and put this together in no time on his own. It’s a great set and challenging for young lego lovers as it feels so unique from some other builds. This is the right size and is a little bit shorter than one story so if you are making a city like myself, it fits in and is not unrealistically large. And since my granddaughter has started surfing and they have a camper, this was so appropriate!

The 3 in 1 sets are especially nice for kids who really enjoy building.

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