LEGO 3 In 1 Train: Amazon Lego Creator Blue Express Building Kit

Got one small box that had the lego name but no picture of what it is. Its for a gift and he will have no idea what it is when he opens it.

Also was led to believe it would be 2 pkgs. The car is so cute when it is complete and there are three different things you can build out of this kit. It isn’t a big kit, but it looks just like the picture and the parts are very well manufactured and snap together easily. Cute and fun and inexpensive makes me happy.He can assemble this on his own under my guidance.

We have fun building his favorite object together.

I wasn’t happy with how small these sets were, even embarrassed to give it as a gift. The color was great and looked like what it’s supposed to look.

I also love that technically this was three sets in one.

Lego Creator 3 In 1 Blue Express Review!


Lego Creator In Emerald Express Lego Train For Kids レゴトレイン 레고 기차

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