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It solid wood table an hardly ever used. – bar height table with three chairs. Bought this for my grand-kids, very sturdy, and high quality materials.
Lego 3 Seat Play Table
If your children love legos and you want to get them out of the floor with a quality table to play on, then buy this play table and chairs. The table has a center storage unit and three matching chairs, and supports a group of six students. Its solid hardwood construction assures years of wear. You can take them off, but there’s a small hole in the middle of each section (so you can easily lift out the platters) which can still make writing activities difficult.You could probably cut a small, thin piece of plastic or wood to put in the holes — or just cover the entire surface with a flat surface — if you wanted to use it for writing. All in all, a great little play table and very good quality. Unlike any plastic generic setup out there. Regarding concerns that holes are in the wrong spots or that they didn’t line up – or required a third party to complete the project – seems a little exaggerated. I was able to complete the set by myself, though it did take roughly 2 hours. Tighten all bolts once the table is complete.

How To Build A Lego Storage Table Diy Project | Woodworking | Rocker Plywood Challenge

This Lego table was built for the Rockler Plywood Challenge. I used 3/4in birch plywood. I also used 1/4in MDF for the base of the …

Apply a little pressure to align the pieces perfectly. The definitely appear disproportionate to the table, though it fits my nearly 5 and 7 year olds respectively. My 13 year is game to take a seat in one, it can hold his weight though he’s obviously much to big for it. Remember to regularly tighten up the chairs as you do with any assemble furniture. The paint on the chairs is easily scratched but easily touched up. Our set came w/ 3 building plates, which are interchangeable with the large duplo plates. This set is superior to any other building block table, money well spent for any family that has some lego crazed kids.
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A stunning and modular table for kids from 1 to 8 years old…now with even more games & accessories!

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